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Postby Guest » 04/30/07 03:43 AM

If youre a magician, and into tricks, and are thinking of popping a bit of mentalism into your act, stay away from this DVD, because you will be sorely disappointed. Why? Well, there are no tricks explained on it.

However, what we do get on it, is possibly the closest most will ever get, to sitting down with the man over a pint or two, chewing the fat into the wee small hours.

In Black box , Bob Cassidy tells us his thoughts and theories on exactly what is wrong with mentalism today, and though many will hate to admit it, hes hit it right on the button.
Performers have forgotten what it is, that mentalists are supposed to be doing, I.E Reading minds.
I wont say any more on this part of the DVD, because you should hear it from the man directly.

At the start I said that there were no tricks. Well, thats not strictly true, Bob explains thousands, almost all impromptu, by way of the many different ways you can switch in and out Billets, envelopes, and a host of other small items.

I tried one of the switches with Poker chips, and it looks very natural.( Now all ive got to do is work out why the heck I would want to switch a chip!) I think that it would look great as a ring switch too!

Techniques covered include: The Mediums Switch (2 methods), The Al Baker Switch (2 methods), Annemann Switch (2 methods), The Squeeze, The Moldavian Switch, Switch Blade Switch, Microphone Switch, The Impossible Envelope Switch, The Cajones Shuffle, Henry Hays False Waterfall Riffle, Gamblers Palm Add-On, Erdnase Bottom Deal, and The Putty Switch.
You will also learn Bob Cassidys ESP Envelope Switch which Bob considers the most undetectable switch he ever devised. It is devious, versatile and practically works itself.

The explanations are a bit brief, however all are published in books, and every one is given a reference to go find it.

I cant recommend this DVD highly enough, in the way that it doesnt dress up sleights with trickery.

To my mind, this, and other DVDs like this, could be the visual equivalent of 13 steps.

Postby Guest » 04/30/07 07:06 AM

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this, Dale.

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