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Postby Bob Baker » 09/23/02 01:01 PM

I was wondering if any of our UK members have seen Derren's new live show and would care to post a review for those of us across the pond?

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Postby Matthew Field » 09/23/02 01:15 PM

I have a relative in Bristol, a budding magician whom I helped start on "the path" that I told about Derren and his live show, and she got tickets to go see him with her husband. I am VERY anxious to hear her response, especially since she considers herself a bit of a psychic.

I'll pass along her reactions here.

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Matthew Field
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Postby Guest » 09/23/02 02:52 PM

Check out
You will find a report on Derren Browns show.

Postby Bob Baker » 09/23/02 06:19 PM


I saw that review. A "Dr. Omni" had a more extensive review on The Magic Cafe, but apparently it was too explicit in its description. (Derren requested that details not be written about in the press.) Consequently, the Magic Cafe moderator deleted the review.

I wouldn't want anyone to go against Derren's wishes, but I thought that if a forum member had seen the show, he/she might give a reaction.
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Postby Guest » 09/24/02 08:37 AM

Sorry to move somewhat off topic but I'm curious if any of you know if Brown's televised specials are available in NTSC format.
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Postby Bob Baker » 09/24/02 09:16 AM

I understand that some of the specials will be released commercially next year, including NTSC format.

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Postby Guest » 09/24/02 02:40 PM

If Derren does his show closer to where I live I wiil post a report...Some of the guys in my local want to see him..He's made an impression on lay people over here..Best Wishes...Gregory.

Postby Guest » 09/30/02 04:09 AM

You can find a very good report on the
other forum

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Postby mrgoat » 10/02/02 02:55 AM

For anyone in the UK interested, Mr Brown will be touring this new show throughout the country in 2003 according to the Bristol theatre's Box Office.

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Postby Guest » 10/31/02 02:29 PM

I am from the UK and i live in the Merseyside are and i would like to know if Derren Brown will be touring the Liverpool or the Manchester area. Thanks for your time and help it is vewry much appreciated.

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