TIMETRIX: the Stull watch of the XXIst Century

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Dear Friends:

Robert Stull (1893-1981), amateur magician and engineer, is noted in magic for his invention of the STULL POCKET WATCH, a unique version of the CLOCK DIAL, and of many other effects, which were marketed through his Stull Magic Company. The
famous Stull watch is just one of his many items included in the extensive displays of the MAGIC CASTLE.

Only a few copies of this watch have been preserved by collectors.
Mr. Mario H. Lago, creator of the Watch and Wear and Murphy Chest effects, and the team of
Bazar de Magia have been working together in order to create a wrist watch based on the original Robert Stull model.
It took them over two years of research to make the Stull watch of the XXIst Century: TIMETRIX.

Mario Lago has never had an original Stull watch in his hands, this is why although the effect is similar, TIMETRIX mechanism and working is absolutely new and original. Apart from the watch-making mechanism, the 14 special parts TIMETRIX has inside were specifically designed for this effect.

Imagine this: Take the watch off your wrist and give it to the spectator. Ask him to pull out the crown and turn it in order to change the time shown. You do this so as to show the spectator that the hands move freely to any desired time, as in any other watch. Then, ask a spectator to turn the watch dial-face down, pull the crown out and turn the crown as much as he wants. Ask him to look at the displayed time on the watch, and remember it. Ask him to give the watch to another spectator who will follow the same procedure, then to a third and finally to a fourth spectator. While you are giving the instructions you turn round, or perhaps you may be blindfolded. Once all of them have followed your instructions, you face the public again. Concentrate, and after a moment you reveal the four selected times and who selected each one!!!!

*Timetrix is a powerful tool that allows you to force from one to 4
completely different and no sequential times.
* Timetrix can be examined before and after the performance.
*Absolutely self contained. Nothing on the wrist band, even you can change
it if you want.
*The effects take place with the watch on the spectators hands all the time,
the magician never touches the watch.
*Very easy to do, but a top professional item.
*TIMETRIX is a valuable instrument to be used in mental magic when you need to use the one ahead method,
as may be the case with Mental Epic routines: when using Mental Epic, instead to force a card you ask the spectator to use the watch to chose from 1 to 4 hours at random...
*Complete instructions that help make this professional mentalism effect possible for magicians of all levels.

TIMETRIX includes more than 14 routines written specially for this watch by Max Maven, Rich Bloch, Fantasio, Trevor Lewis, Anthony Blake and many others!!

Go to www.bazardemagia.com select the language and then click on TIMETRIX or go to:

Martin Pacheco
Bazar de Magia - Argentina
Tel/Fax : (+ 54 -11) 4334-5594
You also can send us a fax to our office in Miami - USA: Toll-Free number
is: 1 (877) 471-6899

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