Gerry McCambridge show in Las Vegas

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Postby Danny Archer » 11/12/05 01:04 PM

Gerry McCambridge (The star of the 2004 NBC prime time special The Mentalist) is performing Monday through Thursdays at the Rampart Casino at 8 PM. Gerry has graciously invited MINDvention attendees to see his show for free while they are in Las Vegas. E-mail me for more information.

Thats what I posted a few months ago and now here I am in Las Vegas the Thursday before MINDvention is to start I wanna go see the show

Robert and I drove over on Thursday and man did we have a ball. Gerry's show was packed to the rafters and he delievered the goods. Good strong mentalism presented with an warn, engaging style. It's no wonder his contract has been extended several times and now, I think, runs thru January.

I you are going to Las Vegas, I urge you not to miss this excellent show ... Gerry has moved his family to Las Vegas and I expect that he will be in bigger and bigger venues. A great night of mentalism presented by a talented energetic performer ... what more could you ask for??
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Postby Guest » 12/18/05 07:09 PM

Great to see you again Danny, and thanks for the kind words.

Great job with the convention this year. Nothing but raves from all who attended!!!

Postby Ted Leon » 12/24/05 10:33 PM

I've seen it with my many of my friends...
Gerry in Las Vegas, a MUST see!
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Postby Guest » 12/25/05 12:00 AM

I saw Gerry show twice this past weekend in vegas. ABSOULTELY AMAZING SHOW! No wonder he is in vegas and the best mentalist in the world. He is also an amazing nice and humble guy off stage, which is rare because you can't say that for a lot of entertainers in show biz. I wish him nothing but the best in the years ahead.

Postby Guest » 12/28/05 07:14 PM

Gerry was very nice to all the guys who came out to the convention and to his show. He even reserved places for his fellow mentalists if there there were not enough seats available- a nice touch!

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