Deck of picture cards?

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Postby Guest » 04/07/04 06:12 PM

I remember reading that, at one point in time, somebody was making a deck of picture cards for mentalists to use instead of a standard deck. Does anyone know whether these are still around, and where to get them?

Jason Bay

Postby Raj Madhok » 04/07/04 06:52 PM

You may want to check with Chuck Hickok ( He produces a deck with symbols and numbers that he sells with a memory routine.
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Postby Anthony Blake » 04/08/04 09:48 AM


You're probably thinking of the "Mental Pictoria" deck, composed of a variety of simple drawings which clue an association to the performer...

I haven't seen them available for some time... you might check Denny & Lee or Stevens just to see if they have any... I do know that a good friend will soon be coming out with a "mental pictoria" deck-based effect that is a real killer and sure to be a huge hit -- unfortunately I can't reveal more till he's ready for its debut...

Hope this helps...


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Postby Guest » 04/08/04 10:59 AM

Mental Pictoria - Haines HOuse of Cards ... y_Code=TWC

Postby Guest » 04/13/04 07:31 PM

Thanks, fellas. I've ordered a pack from Hanes. There weren't any pictures on the site, hopefully they're good-looking cards.

- Jason Bay

Postby Guest » 05/24/04 08:21 AM

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