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Postby stuart » 03/14/05 01:24 PM

In some of the writings from the 60s and 70s, I have run across a mention of "It's a Pip" liquid. I have searched for a description of this liquid. Do any of you know what it is and if it is now marketed under a different name?


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Postby Max Maven » 03/14/05 01:34 PM

"It's a Pip" was marketed in the late 1930s, devised by Caryl Fleming and Charles W. Fricke (although there are precursors in print some 250 years earlier). It was a latex ink. No longer manufactured, in large part because much (but by no means all) of its applications can be accommodated by dry erase markers.

You might try experimenting with ink and diluted rubber cement to come up with a viable home brew.
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Postby stuart » 03/14/05 01:37 PM

Thanks for the qucik response. I will try out your suggestion.

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