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Postby Guest » 10/24/04 11:00 AM


Regards for all the comunity.I expect this message will be useful for all the members.Thanks for you cooperation.

Whats in your opinion The BEST Method/Gimmick for Bending Metals, in Stage and Close-UP?
Considering at least some of the following factors:

-Easy to do
-No Angles
-Most Visual
-No Chemicals
-Borrowed and initialized Coins/Keys
-Can Reset to do again

Please put also the Second and Three results

A) Spoons/Forks
- Banachek
- Patrick Kuffs
- Guy Bavli
- Erez Moshe (Perfect Bend)
- Morgan Strebler(Liquid Metal)
- Sean Fields
- Ling-FU
- Other...

B) Keys

- Banacheck
- Morgan Strebler (Impossible Key Bending)
- Guy Bavli (Perfect Key Bender)
- Sean Fields
- Archangel
- Key Melt (Keith A. Lack)
- Other...

C) Coins

- Bancheck
- Sean Fields
- Silver Shifter
- The Closer (Morgan Strebler)
- The BOA Coin Bender
- Coin & Key Bending Combo (Keith Lack)
- Other...

Postby Guest » 11/29/04 12:45 PM

My favorites bend :

Spoon : I like the Optical Bend (Sanborn - Mind Bender) and Osterlind's (Richard osterlind - Mind Mysteries 3).

Fork : Tine bend, Twist, ... all that you can fin in PK Silverware (Banachek - PK Silverware).
I also like the Multiple Tine Bend (Morgan Sterbler - Liquid Metal)

Coin : Banachek's ones (Psi Series 3) and Morgan Strebler (The Closer).

Postby Guest » 12/22/04 03:06 AM

I'll have to take the poll sometime later... I like Osterlind's methods, and also Banacheks, and Bavli's. Undecided as yet as whose method is the best.

Btw, have you seen this video at ?

Anybody using this method yet? Looks real good! Is it foolproof is another question...


Postby Guest » 12/27/04 01:48 AM

I have a method for the randi bend. It's good. But nothing is ever 100%

Postby Guest » 12/28/04 03:29 PM

I developed something similar years ago. I am currently working of a demo video to send to a few select people.

I am unsure of how the gentleman in the video accomplishes the bend, but if it is similar to mine, it is foolproof and reliable.


Postby Guest » 12/28/04 09:55 PM

Sound good Sean. Best of luck with the video.

I for one am looking forward to the Jacob Spinney method. :-)

Meanwhile awaiting eagerly to receive the Liquid Metal DVD. May be this is the one that will be my next favourite...


Postby Carlo Morpurgo » 12/28/04 10:48 PM

It's nice, but what gives it away is the initial movement with the right hand, against the top side (between 6 and 8 seconds from the beginning of the clip). Also, during the bend you can see pressure on the left thumb, which needs to be counterbalanced....

Carlo Morpurgo
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Postby Steve Knight » 01/02/05 02:00 PM

I emailed Mr. Spinney with a tip for eliminating or at least reducing the visible stress on the thumb but received no reply. Sean, I'm sure there's a long waiting list for your demo vid but I'd like to add my name to it if possible.
Steve Knight
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Postby Guest » 01/02/05 07:51 PM


I highly doubt there is a long line of people waiting for my demo; My stuff isn't the most popular stuff out there, but it is funny that I checked this forum, I was just about to shoot a few rough demos.

As soon as I have a few shot, I will let you know, and I will email interested parties the vid.


Postby Guest » 01/02/05 09:49 PM

Is this Sean Fields of Explicit Content? If so, Im waiting anxiously for a demo.The D'Light Idea in E.C. is a killer addition to any thought reading demonstration!

Postby Guest » 01/03/05 12:51 AM

Randi taught me a version that the fork or spoon seems to melt and fall apart. This never fails to get a "oh my god" reaction.

Postby Guest » 01/03/05 01:15 AM

been exposed on tv several times, yet it still never fails to get great reactions. I believe Ian Rowland has lecture notes which makes this nearly test conditions.

I would also look at Banacheks latest pk videos for great switching methods.

Postby Guest » 01/05/05 01:38 PM

If it's what I think, the Spiney method has very bad angles.

Postby Guest » 01/11/05 11:44 PM

Does anyone know how I can purchase Jacob Spinney's fork bend or one like it?

Jacob's website seems undercontruction...

hint hint Sean Fields

Postby Guest » 01/27/05 08:28 PM

Just a quick comment on the Jacob Spinney spoon bend at the link provided here. I've watched it several times now, and have to say, I don't see any 'bad' angles, or any unnecessary pressure or tension on the thumb, especially considering the Fork is bending against the thumb, and not away from it.

This is one of the best bends I've seen, and I've seen several. Have to admit though, I think I still prefer the 'Optical Bend' by Sandborn. But then, both Richard O. and Banachek have wonderful methods to, so I guess it boils down to 'what works best for you as a performer'. Just like the Torn and Restored card, with the MANY versions currently available, you have to find the method that best fits YOUR personality, as they are all good. Nice job Jacob!

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