Peek Performances?

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Postby Guest » 11/06/02 01:36 PM

Have any of you read Richard Busch's PEEK PERFORMANCES book yet? I haven't heard anything about it yet, and I'm intrigued.


Postby Guest » 11/06/02 02:00 PM

Frist question...Where have you been?

Second question... Why do you need to ask... it was writen by one of God's chosen few...

O.k. I know how hard it is to keep abreast of things, but PP has been one of the new "Bibles" of Psi Entertainment since it's release. It is loaded with tons of awesome insight as well as thought (don't let the frighten you... I know it does tend to turn off some... the idea of having to think, that is...)

You might also look at Richard's "Number Please?" which is a wonderful treatment on how to use proper phrasing when doing math based routines... every time I read it I find something new!

Though many are avoiding (boycotting) the Magic Cafe, you might be able to track RB down via said forum or the new Nail Writer group for more direct insights, opinions, snyde remarks, etc.

Postby Guest » 11/06/02 02:06 PM

Thanks Craig. I was recently at Hollywood Magic, and one of the guys working there gave me the impression it was just released. I'll definitely check it out.

Postby Guest » 11/09/02 07:58 AM

Why are people boy cotting The Magic cafe

Postby Guest » 11/09/02 02:43 PM

Because the Magic Cafe not only sensor's many posts BUT there has been a huge influx of non-magicians (a.k.a. lay-people) visiting and reading the site. Would you want to be posting there? (Also, there seems to be a huge biased against mentalists there and as such most of the leading professionals have left to other boards such as the Nailwriter and Ted Lesley's new board.)
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Postby Guest » 11/09/02 05:02 PM

Yes, there is way too much sensoring. They will close down a topic if it veers off the intent of the original post. They do not allow conversations to take off.

Postby Guest » 11/10/02 10:56 AM

Originally posted by ChrisDavid:
Yes, there is way too much sensoring. They will close down a topic if it veers off the intent of the original post. They do not allow conversations to take off.
They do not allow conversations?

Heck, they do not allow the act of invoked thought... anything that challenges "their" idea of how things "should be" (vs. reality) is challenged, deleted, edited, etc.

Another that seems to be heading along the same route is the so-call "" forum (also very Psi/Mentalism biased).

Anywho... the topic is Mr. Busch (the nice one that's not into politics... ;) ) and his Peek Performances... What can I say? The more of Richard's stuff I read, the more I'm redefining the Holy Trinity to be composed of Richard Busch, Bob Cassidy, and John Riggs :D

Postby Kendrix » 11/10/02 11:36 AM

Magic Cafe is way over the top with censorship. Some one posted this excessively obese female magician's picture on the site and they said she ended her act with eating razor blades. First of all, the thougtht of a women eating razor blades gives me the creeps. Second, I said if I looked like that I would eat razor blades, too. They may help her lose weight. They censored my post.
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Postby Chris Aguilar » 11/10/02 01:04 PM

Originally posted by Kendrix:
Second, I said if I looked like that I would eat razor blades, too. They may help her lose weight. They censored my post.
Hm, and pray explain to us how insulting an overweight woman lends itself to intelligent discourse about magic?
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Postby Sam Kesler » 11/10/02 01:57 PM

Buzz, if you can get ahold of September 2001 issue of Magic magazine, there's a review of "Peek Performances" by Micheal Close. He was... "reluctant to give the book an unreserved recommendation." He didn't seem to have a problem with the material as much as he did with the layout, lack of photographs, and text. Just one opinion.
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Postby Guest » 11/11/02 06:26 AM

Originally posted by wert:
Originally posted by Kendrix:
[b] Second, I said if I looked like that I would eat razor blades, too. They may help her lose weight. They censored my post.
Hm, and pray explain to us how insulting an overweight woman lends itself to intelligent discourse about magic?[/b]
Well... have you ever seen what a magician's assistant looks like shortly after retirement? ;)

What is disturbing is the thought of Peek Performances in the same context as an overweight female performer... :rolleyes:

Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/11/02 09:42 AM

Perhaps we can get back to the topic at hand?
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Postby Guest » 11/12/02 09:20 AM

You are of course correct Richard, so going back on topic, Richard Busch has a flair for thinking out the psychology behind his presentation as well as the technical. Besides his soon to be a mentalism classic (Peek Performances), the world's authority on Peeks also has several other excellent works out there.

"Number...Please?" is a brilliant work on number effects and elevates them far above the usual take a number, reverse it, add, subtract and take ther square root..... I cannot recommend this enough for magicians as well as Mentalists. Even if you do not use the specific effects, you WILL use the thinking behind them for other applications.

""Mind Over Number" is also a brilliant stand alone effect that he sells and it too is brilliant. The beginning of January will also see the release of the best version of a Peek Wallet to come out in years by Richard Busch. Keep an eye out for it.

Since I am also the business partner of Richard I will also offer anyone that has not got both "Peek Performances" and "Number...Please?", a special offer of $75 + shipping for both together from our on-line store, Ab StageCraft -

Just send me an e-mail to
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Postby Guest » 12/28/02 11:28 AM

I've read a lot of people's comments on Peek Performances, and it is revealing to me that all the posters who are themselves sellers of magic products (and therefore want good comments about their products) never mention that Peek Performances is probably the most POORLY WRITTEN magic books I have ever read. I bought it and returned it, because although the ideas might have been good I didn't want to go thought the work required to read this book.
This is pretty harsh, but really it bugs me that nobody mentions how much in need of editing this book is when discussing it on this and different forums. If I remember right the book costs about $60, not an insignificant amount to some of us. Didn't all you people praising the book notice that it is extremely difficult to read?

Postby Guest » 12/28/02 03:06 PM

The book is NOT a difficult read when you start fromn the begining and work your way slowly through it. The problem with many readers of books on this subject is that they skim, looking for tricks that pop out at them and then they forget the rest. There is nothing wrong with the editing nor the writing of Peek Performances, and no different for the other works of Richard Busch provided that you start from the begining.

Richard writes as if he is right there teaching you in person and as he states at the begining, each idea builds upon the next and if you skim or skip a part, you WILL not understand the next part. That is why some people did not like this book, which truly has some of the finest examples of modern mentalism techniques ever written. Also understand that while Richard Busch is my friend, and while my own store sells his book, I make no profits from the sale of it as it all goes to the author. I carry it because he is a friend BUT I am also known for calling a spade a spade whether they are friends or not. If the book was NOT great I would not say it was. There are many leading prfoessionals that now use the breakthrough techniques from Richard Busch's writings. The ones that have passed them up such as you are the ones who lose out.

Granted not everyone likes chocolate icecream which is why we have many other flavors. Guess what?!?! Not everyone likes magic either. That is your perogative BUT to slam a work that IS well edited, extremely well structured as a study device, one that builds upon each subsequent lesson due to your own failing of reading the work properly......well, I think you see what I am saying. I am now going to go back and continue to learn the handling of Richard's new Untpouchable Peek Case, which too has lesson built upon lesson in it's booklet that comes with it.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat

Postby Guest » 12/28/02 04:40 PM

In my first post I actually said nothing about the quality of the CONTENT of the book. People more qualified than myself have praised the content, and while I did not read the entire book, from what I did read I have no reason to doubt their accuracy of their reviews.
Richard Busch appears to be a true innovator and original thinker in magic/mentalism - a rare thing. But the writing and organization of his book make it hard to appreciate the quality of his ideas.
I recommend that anyone thinking about buying Peek Performances try to get a hold of a copy to read before spending $65 and see if the writing bothers you.
Readers of the book can decide for themselves if comments about the quality of the ORGANIZATION AND WRITING of the book, should be included in a complete review of the book.
Steve Karam

Postby C. Hampton » 12/29/02 03:53 PM

Can you guys be kind enough to post the address of the Nail Writer and Mr Lesley boards.

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Postby Guest » 12/30/02 10:23 AM

Ted Lesley's board is

Nailwriter is:

However, you must pass a test to become a member of either.
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Postby Guest » 02/21/03 01:36 PM

Hello everybody. New to the board and I am here to learn and to share.

Postby Ted Leon » 02/23/03 08:38 PM

If you do not have "Peek Performances" in your library, your library is incomplete.

How else can I say it?

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