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Postby Guest » 08/13/05 06:57 AM

Does anyone know what's going on with MIND & MAGIC? It's been down for several days now.

I've heard that Ted was having some health challenges but haven't heard anything about them pulling down the site.

Postby Doug Dyment » 08/14/05 07:34 AM

It hasn't disappeared, just moved (with no forwarding address!). You can now find it here .
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Postby Guest » 08/15/05 04:40 AM

Thanks Doug... I just shot off a PM to Bill, teasing him about trying to get rid of me.

Postby Guest » 08/19/05 06:10 AM

Just a bit of an update... Bill Palmer is now running the MIND & MAGIC site. More information will be forthcoming sometime down the road.

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