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Postby Guest » 10/03/03 01:03 PM

Hi I am looking for a good prediction effect that I can close my motivational act with. I want the effect to look like I predict the results of a imagery sale, like the name of the client, the amount of money, and the date. I was thinking of mental epic, but I have to write in my prediction for mental epic in front of the audience.

I want it to look like I wrote my prediction before the show, can anyone recommend a good prediction effect that isn't too much, packs flat, and plays big?


Postby Guest » 10/04/03 01:20 PM

Ron Wilson's version of "Confabulation" would be my suggestion for you.
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Postby Guest » 10/04/03 01:45 PM

Yea I heard people tell me what, but where can I find it? Some people say it is out of print? What is the effect basically?

Postby Doug Dyment » 10/06/03 08:21 AM

It's in "The Uncanny Scot", by Richard Kaufman, and thus available on this Website. And widely available elsewhere as well: just do a Google search.

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Postby Dr Adrian Solon » 10/06/03 08:22 AM

It's in Richard Kaufman's book 'Ron Wilson - the Uncanny Scot'.
The effect, in brief, is: the mentalist writes on a card 3 pieces of information given to him by a spec. He then hands the card to another spec for checking. The mentalist pulls out of his jacket pocket a wallet and inside a zipped compartment is a sealed envelope, which is taken by the first spec. The spec opens the envelope and inside is a piece of paper on which is written the 3 pieces of information. A good storyline and presentation make this into a tremendous effect.
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