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PRODUCT = Speed Learning Palmistry {eBook}
OFFERED BY Julian Moore
PRICE = $22.00 (PayPal)

As most of you know Im a strong supporter in the idea of learning legitimate divination techniques prior to getting your head filled with all the Cold Reading mumbo-jumbo offered by the magic and skeptics realms. Too, one of the primary systems I recommend is Palmistry in that most of the folks you meet in the world have at least one if not two to work with. In other words, at the drop of a hat, you have all your really need for creating miracles and (if so inclined) turning a quick buck or two. The problem is, most of us get confused, frustrated and impatient when it comes to memorizing everything NOT ANY MORE!

Julian Moores fantastic Speed Learning Palmistry eBook is, in my opinion, one of the best, most practical guides for learning this ancient divination technique thats ever hit the market. At $22.00 its a golden steal if any ever existed (it should be at least a $60.00 download). It does not matter if youve never read a thing on Palmistry or if youre a seasoned Reader from the local Tea House THIS BOOK IS A MUST!

A 39 page, well illustrated and referenced tome is supported by easy to make flash cards (templates), the combination of the two allow you to gain sufficient insight to this practice so as to be able to deliver a solid 10-15 minute palm reading in under a weeks time.

Julian first grabbed our attention a little over a year ago with his POST JUSTIFY eBook of billet techniques employing that modern wonder, the Post It Pad. With this tome, hes proving to us all, that hes not just some new guy to the craft; he a serious student who thinks things through in a very creative and practical manner, delivering to our industry some amazing contributions. Keep your eye out for more of his genius in the years ahead.

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