Robert Nelson's Sensational Mentalism

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Postby Sam Kesler » 02/14/06 05:08 PM

I am interested in learning more about these series of four "classic" books on mentalism by Robert Nelson.

What kind of material? What do you think of the material? Is the material dated or do they play in today's trenches? Is there much mental effects using playing cards?

Thanks in advance.
Sam Kesler
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Postby Doug Dyment » 02/15/06 10:40 AM

Lots of good material can be found in Nelson's four-volume Sensational Mentalism series. Much is by Nelson himself, of course, but there are plenty of contributions from the likes of Al Mann, Bob Tripp, Steven Minch, Jack Dean, Syd Bergson, Bob Mason, Arthur Setterington, Phil Goldstein, Bob Parrish, etc.

There is very little with playing cards.

Methods are never dated, so I see no reason why these effects wouldn't play as well as they ever did (unlike, say, Nelson's many books on readings, where although the methodologies are fine, the readings themselves are quite dated).

Volume 4 is probably the best of the set, so you might want to get that one first, and see if the material appeals to you.
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Postby Sam Kesler » 02/15/06 02:37 PM

Thanks for the info, Doug. I will definetely check them out, especially number 4.
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Postby Mr. Stickley » 02/15/06 04:47 PM

The Nelson stuff seems to be rather hard to find these days. I do know that Denny and Lee carry's a lot of it.

Mr. Stickley
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Postby Guest » 02/15/06 11:03 PM

The "Sensational Mentalism" series, and in fact all of Nelson's books and manuscripts, can now all be bought, from (Micky) Hades Publications in Canada, who bought the rights to Nelson's publications, when Nelson retired his retail business.

Volume#4, was actually put together by Micky Hades....ironic that is has contributions from both Robert Nelson and Burling Hull.

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