Manipulation of Reality

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Postby Guest » 03/02/05 02:49 AM

Hello there.
The follow up to my previous work The Wizard is Dead to be called Manipulation of Reality is in the works...
I thought I will "tease" you all a little in the mean time by mentioning the opener effect which is also the opener of my show.
If the The Deautsch Effect will not convince your audience of your psychological powers nothing will.

The Deautsch Effect:
The performer is asking everyone in the audience to think of a number, color and a shape...
Pointing to someone in the audience you tell him to stand up.
After a bit of concentration the performer is able to call out the number, color and shape the man is thinking of{e.g yellow, 5 and circle , for example}!
No pre show work, no stooges of any kind, nothing is written down, no dual reality either...and no, you don't have to use real telepathy to pull this of...

Yaniv Deautsch

Postby Guest » 03/08/05 05:22 AM

Many thanks to all the people who contacted me off line...
I guess I should add that in the The Deautsch Effect
the number, the color and the shape are different every time...

Yaniv Deautsch

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