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Postby David Fletcher » 10/22/02 06:29 PM

Please point me to references for a great design duplication routine. Thanks very much.
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David Fletcher
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Postby Guest » 10/22/02 07:52 PM

A design duplication routine???

Why don't you DESIGN your own routine and don't DUPLICATE others???

Postby David Fletcher » 10/23/02 03:38 AM

Ehud, you are exactly right. In fact, I don't want anyone's routine, per se: I only want to be pointed to sources for method. I already have the routine - my very own, in fact. But I seem to be blocked as to exactly how to work it out.
David Fletcher. Actor, Magician, Sailor, Ideal Dinner Guest
David Fletcher
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Postby Joe M. Turner » 10/23/02 05:35 AM

Can someone point me to a good resource for comic songs for tenors? There's a point in my show where I think a song like that will really enhance the overall show.

Resource for comic songs for tenors? Why don't you compose one yourself instead of singing someone else's work?

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Postby Guest » 10/23/02 05:45 AM

i was just kidding, relax

Postby Andy Hurst » 10/23/02 06:59 AM

Hi David,

The classic mentalism books all have ideas and methods that are either specicifically for a design dupe or could be adapted for use in a design duplication routine. 13 Steps to mentalism, practical mental magic, etc. There's even a method or two in Tarbell.

There are impression devices on the market if you want to go that way, some that will give you the glimpse during performance rather than 'pre-show'. Check with your magic dealer.

Sorry if these references are a little vague, but I don't know from your post if you want a close-up solution, something for parlor, stage, etc. Could you do pre-show work or not?

Andy Hurst
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Postby Guest » 10/23/02 07:45 AM

Check Jack Dean's "Replication" at:

For the remainder of this week only, it will be shipped postage paid if you mention that you saw it here in the Genii Forums.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat

Postby Guest » 10/24/02 07:38 AM

I do a bit known as the "Telepathy Challenge" I picked up a few years ago from Stephan Magus in the U.K. (Magus Magic)... from what I understand Max has a similar piece out as well e.g. on the day you sign the deal for a gig, you ask the event coordinator to help with an experiment.

The VIP in question is given a drawing pad, some colored pens, etc. and asked to draw any design he/she would like using the pens, and so forth to do so. They are then told to fold the drawing into a small packet, seal it into an envelope, etc. and keep it with them (making certain they bring it) the night of the show. NO ONE IS IN THE ROOM AS THE DRAWING IS MADE. NO IMPRESSION SYSTEM, ETC. EVERYTHING IS ON THE UP AND UP... (sort of).

Needless to say you comment about this Telepathic Challenge made by the event's organizer, go through all those convincer questions that prove you didn't cheat or you're not in collusion, etc. only to draw the same exact drawing using he same colors... getting an overwhelming round of applause (well, that's usually the case...)

It's dirt simple and works well!

I've also used Banachek's Psychological approach in which the spectator visualizes his/her front yard or what it looks like outside their business office, etc. (see Psychological Subtlties)

Postby Guest » 10/24/02 11:27 AM

I like the idea of drawing large images on white board (avoiding things being written on bits of paper) for stand up or platform performances. I also prefer to avoid strange cards. I especially liked a couple of the routines in SYZGY'S BEST VOL 2 tape. Can anyone comment on 'Picto Mental 2000" that uses a coloring book for image selection. I called a dealer on it and he said he no longer carries it because a rip off was made that drove the price down...
Comments on this or similar effects that can be done as a magician for school shows.

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