Enrique Enriquez's 'Invisible Readings'

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INVISIBLE READINGS by Enrique Enriquez

In 'The Invisible Gemstone' Enrique gave us a small glimpse into his world of readings with a system that touched on the borders of the imagination.

In 'The Invisible Tarot' he hinted at how a system we already knew could be used in a new way to create a magical experience for both the reader and the sitter.

In 'Invisible Readings' Enrique lays out the path he took on his search for the ultimate oracle of the mind, and in his most comprehensive and entertaining read yet, shares with us the personal and professional discoveries that this route has allowed him. Although he steers a voyage through the works of Arnold Mindel, Millard Longman, Richard Busch and Milton Erickson, Enrique's personal search for a relevant, modern and effective approach of truly connecting with his clients is always apparent. As you are taken on this journey, you can experience the freedom and scope of Enrique's discoveries much as he did himself, his main finding being that instead of collecting our runes, cards and other reading paraphernalia, we could practice experiencing what we already have - our innate ability to dream and relate - everyday.

By opening our eyes to the world of metaphor, Enrique shows us how to apply these techniques using extremely practical and simple excursions that we can take with anyone at any time. By showing us how the word 'Symbol' really does mean the coming together of two ideas and giving us tools to learn to 'play' with our clients in a shared dream-state, the amazing power of these empathic and emotionally rich techniques can be understood.

This book goes beyond 'The Invisible Gemstone' and 'The Invisible Tarot' and takes us as far as Enrique has thus far travelled. Enrique's previous works could quite happily slot into 'Invisible Readings' as these concepts are also part of his journey. However, to see the thinking behind how these ideas came about and to join Enrique to his final conclusion is at once profound and simple. By truly understanding and nurturing our own states of mind and letting ourselves calm down into far more natural and connected ways of being, we can learn to take advantage of ourselves to be there for others on their own terms and in their own minds. In 'Invisible Readings' Enqrique shows us how to both let go, and connect. He has laid forth a comprehensive outlook that empowers the reader the more it strips away.

This is quite a long book for a topic of this kind, and before you go rushing off to get to the end I would urge you to enjoy the journey. The journey is the goal, and like the best readings, the effect of reading 'Invisible Readings' is a feeling of wonder and magic. If Enrique can connect in this fashion through the printed word, imagine the effect these techniques would have on a client?

Although you could say that this book is aimed primarily at the person who does a lot of readings, I would have to say that every mentalist should read this book. 'Invisible Readings' takes the core experience of what it feels like to connect with someone during a reading and brings it bang up to date. If there was ever a book that could allow mentalists to at least reconsider what is magical and what is not in the minds of their audience, this could be it. It shows you how to shoot from the hip and make no excuses.

This book is fabulous and liberating, and although it redefines what a reading can be, it's ideas and applications deserve to have a far wider impact. Everyone should read it who is even remotely interested in readings or mentalism. And now I'm going to read it again.


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