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Postby Guest » 06/06/03 08:35 PM

I had a half baked idea I thought I share to see if others could add to it, or reference similar applications of this idea.

While brainstorming on "WILL THE CARDS MATCH" by Becker, one of the ideas I had was to use the principle with blank cards (Large cards for stage).

If you had 5 people choose one of 5 objects (force or peek) then write their names on the other 5 cards..do the spell and the cards magically ID who has what item
(i.e. The cards say Brian has the pen (spell) Amy has the ring, (spell) Dustin has the ball....etc).

It would be simple to arrange the cards as needed, but I wondering about the cleanest method of peeking or forcing the 5 items...or if this inspires other variations...

Have fun brainstorming...

Postby Guest » 06/11/03 06:41 AM

FYI: There is a card game called "Split" (marketed by Hasbro / Parker Bros... available in Walmart) that is PERFECT for the 'Will the cards match' effect.

The game uses 104 specially printed cards. Each card has a duplicate & the two duplicates form a 'whole' card (you have to see the deck to fully understand... I'm not gonna write a 1000 words; go see the picture.) The goal of the game is to match mates / pairs, etc. The closer to a perfect match (value, color, suit) the higher your points.

So, there is a built in 'hook' for many/any 'Matcho' effects.

Check it out,

Postby Guest » 06/11/03 04:21 PM

Thanks for the post.
That's a great tip! I'll look into it.
I really like the hook of using a game.

Any more such ideas are helpful...but I'm still looking to develop the routine where the focus is not on the cards "matching" but rather using the cards as a divining tool to locate objects held by spectators. A force seems easier, but a peek could work...my problem is the multiple of "5" (forces or peeks) makes this a bit more daring...so it needs to be clean and simple.

I just thought this might be a new direction to take the principle and wondered if others had tried anything similar....

However, continue to add what ever comes to mind...the more play there is the more likely a new idea will pop out...

Postby Guest » 06/12/03 09:05 PM

I have an effect in my book using that principle (Lee Earle embelished it in Syzygy) using the "elements" written on the 5 cards.

One other great thing to do with thecards when doing it is instead of doing the "reverse" of one of the packets, simple turn one of them face up, which really makes it look more difficult and yet it eliminates one of the necessary things to do.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
AB StageCraft
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Postby Guest » 06/12/03 09:55 PM

Thanks Paul, that's a really useful tip about flipping the cards. I checked out your link, but somehow missed your book you referred to...The site has some great stuff on it though.

Postby Guest » 06/14/03 11:55 AM

If you can find Jon Racherbaumer's lecture notes titled GRIFTY BUSINESS: MEMES TO QUICKEN (I got my copy through H & R Books, always a great source for hard-to-obtain works), you'll find a very nice elaboration on Becker's "Will the cards match?" It's not exactly along the lines that you've laid out in your post, but it might get you thinking.

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