I heard it's mental magic.

Instead of mentally projecting your mentalism thoughts, type them here.

Postby Guest » 03/18/05 04:23 AM

The "Mobile opener" or as it is known in the USA "the Cell opener" is back again
for a short time. (Too many nice people want to buy it)
But now you get it with the moviesee me do it in front of real
people .see their reactions listen to new jokes have fun.

An original and clever routine which is simple to do
and gets everyone in the audience involved.
It is a revelation and can help you introduce a speaker
or talk about a product or just do it as is.
This is mental magic and not pure mentalisem
It is good for Stage, Stand up and even drawing room

Send 105$ to lior@liormanor.co.il
Use www.paypal.com
You get 6M WMV file that show me do it
It has a poor audio quality but it is clear enough.
You also get 2 versions on PDF and word files 3 pages only

Don't buy it if you are not a full time pro...
105$ are a lot for one routine so I suggest you think before you buy it.
You can buy 3 DVD's with many routines and many moves or buy 3 books
with 500 pages or go to a magic convention or eat a good meal at the W hotel in NY

Many big names like it for real (not just because they are my friends)

The video is 6$ for all the people that bought it 18 month ago
(I repeat : it is 6 dollars to all who paid money for the manuscript)
Just send me an email and you get it back.

Please use real name for questions and PM's no Zod's or Din's

Soon I will release the "Big Trivia Game" which is not magic
but will help you sell more shows and add something special for
your arsenal.
This is another original idea that I came up with and am doing it for
more then 3 years now.
And then the "invisible touch"

Postby Guest » 03/23/05 12:13 PM

Hello again
Few of the best mentalists around the world got it
This is what one of them said:

"Presentation is everything, and Mobile Opener is a highly entertaining, carefully structured segment of a working pro's repertoire. The most amazing thing about it is that Lior is willing to share it!"

3 hours from now (at 00:00 Israel time)I will let you know who wrote it.
You have 3 hours to try and get the mental vibes by yourself

Please email me if you have the right name and you get the "Mobile Opener" for FREE
(one guess only per user please and the first one win)

Thanks again for all that got it


Postby Jonathan Townsend » 03/23/05 12:17 PM

Still no idea what is being offered.
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Postby Guest » 03/23/05 12:51 PM

I am selling one of my routines.
I can't describe the effect because it will give it away.
This is best for working pros' and it is a stand up magic , mental magic and good for PRODUCT LAUNCH, SALES MEETINGS etc.
The price is very very high.
I am very sorry , but this is all I can say.
I hope you can respect it.

Postby Randy DiMarco » 03/23/05 01:20 PM

If describing the effect will give it away what are the chances that performing it will fool an audience.
Randy DiMarco
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Postby Guest » 03/23/05 01:28 PM

It will give it away for you as a magician.
you know magic and your audience don't.

And don't worry
I do it for many years now...and it's good.

Postby Guest » 03/23/05 03:12 PM

"Presentation is everything, and Mobile Opener is a highly entertaining, carefully structured segment of a working pro's repertoire. The most amazing thing about it is that Lior is willing to share it!"
Ken Weber

No one guessed it
But Greg Arce had a very nice PM so I will send it to him

Thanks again and I wish you all many magical moments.
please use paypal to order

Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/25/05 09:31 AM

Lior, I'm getting pretty tired of your repeated promotional postings in your own thread.
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Postby Guest » 03/25/05 09:51 AM

I can send you the video if you like.
I am sure you'll enjoy it.
Please let me know what is your email

Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/25/05 09:59 AM

Lior, you're not getting my point. I do not want the video, and it's time you stopped talking about it yourself. If anyone else has something to say about it, fine.
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Postby Guest » 03/25/05 11:05 AM

I've seen Lior use this idea and I can wholeheartedly recommend it: his "Mobile Opener" is terrific: uncluttered, funny, and with a surprising twist. It is one of those great ideas that has you kicking yourself for not thinking of it on your own. Lior is one of the busiest performers I know, so rest assured that you will make a good investment in case you decide to buy his routine.

And yes, I would say this also, if Lior wasn't a dear friend of mine ;)

Postby Doug Dyment » 03/25/05 11:17 AM

I'm happy to make a couple of comments about Lior's effect (although Mr. Manor's spoken English is fine, his written version leaves much to be desired, and he often does not come across well in print).

The Mobile Opener is, frankly, not for everyone. Magical hobbyists, occasional performers, and seekers of miracles can find outlets for their money that will better suit their interests/needs.

But for the professional performer who does a lot of corporate work, this is a true gem. You'll be paying more for the presentational concept than the effect itself (you already know the workings of the "trick" part), but a glorious concept it is, serving useful performance purposes in addition to simply entertaining (not that entertaining is unimportant, or ever "simple").

Lior is one of the world's busiest (and best paid) corporate and trade show performers, and there's a good reason why he uses this as an opener for his larger-audience shows.

I highly recommend it for those performers who are in a position to make use of it.

... Doug
... Doug :: Proprietor of The Deceptionary
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Postby Guest » 03/25/05 01:10 PM

For what's it's worth...

Anyway! I can't with my poor english, really ad more eloquently, to what is already said!

But... If you have frequent repeat business?
If you have to do some MC work? Or want to ad a well constructed routine in your act?

This is a new "tools" to ad to your repertoire!

Easy and direct, Fun, Fresh and original!


P.S. I think about it now! The best thing to say about THE MOBILE OPENER is... Lior still use this routine for big $$$ in the real world

...For me that's say it all!

Postby Guest » 03/25/05 01:18 PM

Sorry Doug! It seem after reading again all post that i wrote a similar post has yours. I just wrote it in very bad english!

It was atleast very sincere!


Postby Tony Razzano » 03/25/05 02:01 PM

Lior's Mobile Opener is a fine piece of mentalism. It is a strong opener to a mentalist's routine that will get the audience laughing and still see that the mentalist is capable of some remarkable things. It easily can set the tone for your show. In addition to that, it takes care of a problem that we find in most audiences today, that of the cell phone ringing during the show, and does so in a very entertaining way. This can also be used as an MC bit. I have seen Lior use it in this way and it is very effective.
Whether as an MC bit or your opener, I highly recommend the Mobile Opener by Lior Manor.
Best regards,
Tony Razzano
Best regards,
Tony Razzano
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Tony Razzano
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Postby Eric Anderson » 03/26/05 08:07 AM

This is truly a wonderful routine that is perfect for REAL WORLD performing. I have performed The Mobil Opener in a formal show & it kills.

Those that consider purchasing it should buy it, just to see Lior perform in REAL WORLD conditions. The audience loved him. Simply Fantastic!

Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson
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Postby Guest » 03/27/05 09:40 AM

Thanks a lot
I am sorry that I upset you Richard.
This is my last post about the "Opener"
I just wanted to say I am going to end the sell
tonight at midnight.

thanks again
Lior and Itamar

Postby Guest » 03/28/05 12:13 AM

i heve to say The Mobile Opener is a wonderful effect
I have performed The Mobil Opener every Show - it's a real killer !!!
so strong, direct and funny - it is defenetly the one of the best effects....
i got it last year and it was the first time I changed my act in the last 2 years (those of you who do mental acts know exactly what I'm talking about).
I storngly recommend this to all

Haim Goldenberg

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