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World-renowned mentalist and entertainer Ehud Segev, also known as The Mentalizer, will premiere his new play ANOMAL for a limited engagement at the American Theatre of Actors in New York City from January 2 22.

In ANOMAL, Ehud Segev shares his unusual life story and his inspiring perspective on life by telling the amazing story of a young man who developed supernatural abilities.

Critically acclaimed worldwide, Segevs one-man play offers a rare opportunity to take a brief view into the life of a psychic entertainer, displaying his relationships with others, and showing the highlights and downfalls of possessing such abilities.

About Segevs previous show at Theatre Row, NEW YORK Magazine declared that Segev will amaze even the most skeptical in the audience.

ANOMAL is written and performed by Ehud Segev, directed by Glory Bowen, with original music by Nir Graf, lighting by James Bedell and scenic design by Roy Nachum.

Known as the foremost Israeli specialist in the psychic medium, Ehud Segev was asked to make his first national TV appearance at age 16. Three years later he predicted who would win the race for the mayors chair in a few cities in Israel. With only a photo to reference, Segev used his psychic abilities to compose a profile on each candidate and foresee the winners 11 days before the election. Segev was 100% correct. He explained to the press that he used his mental skills to analyze the candidates. Thats when people started calling him the Mental Analyzer, or soon to be nicknamed The Mentalizer. The Mentalizer phenomenon quickly spread and Segev has been touring the globe and performed for thousands of awestruck audiences around the world ever since. Minds like Mayor Bloomberg, Saturday Night Live comedian Anna Gasteyer, CNNs Lou Dobbs and many others have been mesmerized by Segevs supernatural performance.

ANOMAL plays at the American Theatre of Actors (314 W 54th St) from January 2 22, Mon-Fri at 8:00PM, Sat and Sun at 2:00PM and 7:00PM. Tickets are $35-$55: 212-352-3101 or

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