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Postby Guest » 01/05/04 05:19 PM

Who are the most knowledgable CONTEMPORARY authors or researchers (magician, mentalist, scientist, whomever) on the history of Spiritualism as well as the methods utilized by fraudulent mediums during the late 19th & early 20th century to create phenomena?

Having already amassed a large collection of books (old and new) on the subject, I would enjoy an opportunity to correspond with some experts.


Postby Brad Henderson » 01/05/04 05:28 PM

Dr. Dees aka Erskine aka Jeff Payton ha a large body of knowledge and materials on the Chesterfield camp. Also there was a Mass marketed book on Lily Dale out last year. Lily Dale was in the title of the book.
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Postby Steve Bryant » 01/05/04 07:42 PM

The Lily Dale book is simply called LILY DALE ("the true story of the town that talks to the dead") and is by Christine Wicker. It's quite interesting, but not as spooky as you might hope. Way back when I reviewed Paul Osborne's HAUNTED ILLUSIONS, I provided a pretty complete list of my favorite books on the subject. The review and list are at Gazette review .
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