mental fire effect?

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Postby Guest » 06/19/02 01:35 AM

Does anyone know of an effect where the performer, just by gazing at an object(be it paper or whatever)
can cause it to burst into flames? I've searched for an effect like this for years.

Postby Guest » 06/19/02 06:24 AM

There are several effects out there where matches burst into flame by looking at them. The book "Ah-ha" has one that you won't have to purchase props for though.
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Postby Bill Mullins » 06/19/02 11:18 AM

Michael P. Lair teaches in his lecture a way
to gaff a match so you can pull it out of a book,
stare at it, and it will light after 10 or so seconds.

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Postby Guest » 06/19/02 02:11 PM

I think you can find some fire effects here...

Postby David Acer » 06/19/02 05:25 PM

Hi Brian,

There's a great self-lighting match trick that I've actually used on TV called "Lightning Strike," by Patrick Reymond. It's produced by The Camirand Academy and you can find more information on
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Postby Guest » 06/26/02 02:51 PM

O.k. I don't know if I'm stepping on toes here or not, but Wm. Wizard used to sell a bit called "Laser Site" which I do not believe is available any longer. I used it in Seance shows as part of an Automatic Writing bit and, after several sheets of paper went by, one would burst into flames (made for some very interesting reactions to which I had to not react to... I was in a trance... not easy!)

Anywho... The chemicals are simple, easy to find and cheap. I believe they may be tipped in the Hades Pyro book... pretty certain they're in Wizard's FX manuscript and, like all things chemical, you can check with the great wizard of the north Larry White (who is rumored to have taught God how to mix chemicals for cool effects...)

Postby Dale Shrimpton » 07/01/02 04:46 AM

el duco has a simple, and safe self lighting match,
i found that a good way,to light paper, is to use a flint operated flash thumbtip, loaded with a little flash wool,hold it behind a sheet of thick flash papper, ( writing quality),
when you flick the tip, the sheet ignites. drop your hand with the tip down, whist holding the sheet by the non burning side, then ditch the tip, as you throw the last few inches of paper up in the air.
Bongo also has in a lecture, an idea he came up with for igniting a sheet of paper. if i remember, ( and i do hope he wont mind me saying this!!) you baisicly have a match in a standard lit match producer,atatched to the back of the paper, however instead of pulling the match from an atatched gimmic, you stick the match on the paper, and pull away the gimmic, thus striking the match, ,and ignighting the paper.All evedence burns away, leaving you almost 100% clean.
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