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Postby Guest » 10/25/02 03:23 AM

Yesterday I received a airmail letter from USA with an effect called Pivot Pen.
I can tell you directly this is a great thing.
Looks very weird.
Effect: A pen magically rotates at your fingertips.
I have already performed this effect in a impromtu sitiuation with a great result.
Its very easy to perform and you can use it for many different type of situations...


Postby Steve Hook » 10/25/02 11:17 AM


The music and "the look" are excellent!

I believe you have............"the power".

Steve H
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Postby Guest » 10/25/02 11:22 AM

I'll never be able to perform such telekinetic stunts, as my eyebrows are virtually immobile.

--Randy Campbell
Card Guy

Postby Guest » 10/25/02 02:16 PM

I've had the pen for quite some time now... love it!

Not too long ago I had the chance to talke to a B&B owner about doing a Seance show... I did PK Touches just to prove to him he had a House Ghost... then, as I was jotting my local contact info on a card, I did the Pen (totally ignoring it...) I honestly think it was a bit much for his heart.

It's a cute piece with loads of fun when used in the right setting

Postby M. Sibbernsen » 11/03/02 10:02 AM

Missed this thread until now.

Thanks to all for the nice comments on PivotPen. I have really gotten allot of milage out of that little pen! I hope you all do too.

To answer the many Email requests, No; the eyebrows (as seen on the demo video) are not included in the package. I was at one time making a very limited supply available, but was unable to go out in public for too long afterwards. ;)


Michael Sibbernsen

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