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Postby Dan Trommater » 09/27/04 04:06 PM

I have an upcoming appearance on morning radio and am looking for suitable tricks. I have the Banachek Radio Magic cds (they're great) and have seen this thread - ... 5;t=000141

Tons of great info there. I am looking specifically for tricks that can be done with the hosts of the show in 2 minutes or less! That's the maximum time they spend talking between songs and ads. I can use a number of those 2 minute spots, but each 'chunk' of air time is only 2 minutes.


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Postby Ted Leon » 10/07/04 09:29 PM

How'd it go?
What did you do?
Ted (Leondo)
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Postby Dan Trommater » 10/13/04 09:25 AM

An update:

The show went great. I had been warned by a Genii Forum member to look out for the 'shock-jock' mentality from the hosts and to beware of being made a fool out of. This was a great point and one that I had not thought of, but fortunately, the hosts were great. They did their best to put me in the best light possible.

I had 5, 2 minute spots and did magic in 4 of them. Here are the effects that I used:

1. Had them choose a card and then revealed that I had placed a classified ad in that day's paper stating that "Today, Shannon and Brian at JOE FM will choose the Jack of Clubs." and then listed my name and web address. Simple, but very effective and I know it drew a lot of people to my site.

2. A version of Kollasal Killer

3. "Little Jackpot Coins" by Barrie Richardson

4. "The X Card" from Banachek's Radio Magic CD. (I did this with a caller)

They've invited me back. Any more ideas gang?

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