seven keys to baldpate

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Postby Guest » 06/16/05 10:42 AM

I would like to know the method for Archie Byford's Dead and Living Test (a dealer item before WWII): this is the method used for his version of seven keys to baldpate by G.E.Arrowsmith (see The key to knowledge in Magical Mentalia).
The dead and living test effect is achieved by means of a prepared pad: all the sheets of paper in the pad are apparently exactly alike, but one in every six can be distinguished by the performer without either looking at it or touching it.
Can anyone help? Thank you.
Count Edmund

Postby Guest » 06/17/05 05:28 PM

Greetings I see that key r rect is a subject
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carl Wolf was the originator of this trick but passed on with the secret. It toke me 7 months
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