Arthur Monroe's "Voodoo"

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Postby Guest » 06/02/03 11:36 PM

Was reading, re-reading, my Jinx file and came across aforementioned effect on page 208. It mentions using "two P & L boxes", what the *&#! is that? Does anyone know?

By the way, this effect is truly weerd and amazing. I would love to have seen someone do it for me before I read the method. It's almost too good.

Postby Guest » 06/03/03 03:54 PM

Aron, that is a P & L locking card box. It is made of nickel silver and has not been made fot close to forty years.Viking makes a copy of tghe brema box which is similar. If you wanted the P&L box check Mario Carrandi,Kena Thompson or Ron Alesie, they probably have one.When I first jot my copy of the Jinx I saw the same trick and marked it to go back. I never did but if I hadn't invested 20 years in sleight of hand card magic I could go for bizzare, which that trick is.Work it up it would make a good performance piece.....Mike

Postby Guest » 06/03/03 05:50 PM

Hello Mike,

Thank you for the info. It sounds intriguing but probably impractical these days. I would still love to see one just to get an idea. I'm sure if I saw its design any good machine shop could manufacture it for me.

You've been a great help and I appreciate it.

Postby Steve Bryant » 06/04/03 04:49 PM

No one needs re-invent the (P&L) wheel. At WMS this past January, a friend of mine purchased two gorgeous wooden locking card boxes specifically for Arthur Monroe's Voodoo. The source is:

Wild Magic
Rachel Wild & Tom Jones
P.O. Box 602
San Antonio, FL 33576

I personally do the effect with two Tenyo locking card boxes I purchased years ago.

If you look through Practical Mental Effects (or Jinx), you will also find a version with envelopes.

Plus, Docc Hilford markets a version with envelopes and the spec's own unusual deck of cards. Re that, I'll close with some copy lifted from Little Egypt Magic:

A companion mss also suitable for seance workers is Mephisto's Journey, Docc's take (and, since the take is uncredited, his knuckles should be spirit rapped!) on Arthur Monroe's "Voodoo" from Practical Mental Effects. But what a take. In this variation, the spectator's own worn deck is sealed in an envelope and hidden away somewhere in a darkened home. The lights are extinguished. An eerie green glow appears, and the medium is seen holding the original deck. The spectator's chosen card (no force) is handed to her. Again the lights are out. When the spectator retrieves her deck from its hiding place, she removes it from the sealed envelope to find that the card she holds is indeed missing from the deck. Sweet.
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Postby Guest » 06/05/03 01:52 AM

Was reading in MIND, MYTH & MAGICK last night, and just happened upon a mention of this trick.

TA wrote on p. 239 that it could be argued that the whole field of bizarre magick was started with the publication of "Voodoo."

Postby Guest » 06/06/03 02:22 PM

Tony Shiels said he'd been told Arthur Monroe created Voodoo but had actually never performed it himself. Rather, he had only worked the effect out on paper. I've pointed out in another forum that Monroe wouldn't be the first to publish an untested effect, mentioning that T.A. Waters has an effect in Mind, Myth & Magic that requires a spider monkey who is willing to wear a prosthetic demon costume, but quickly found out I'd opened an ugly can of pornographic worms when I asked if anyone had actually ever seen "Tom's demon monkey."

Postby Guest » 06/06/03 04:04 PM

"Ok, cue the monkey..."

Also, "P(O)cean" -- a great idea -- will not work as written in "Mind, Myth and Magick." (Because a sealed glass capsule will not create the desired effect.)

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