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Postby Guest » 11/07/07 12:56 PM

Just curious why there is a shortage of postings for Mentalism. Is it because of other forums? If so what forum do you believe is more beneficial for a mentalist and why?

Postby Guest » 11/08/07 09:53 AM

What sort of information are you looking for, Bermini? If you have a specific mentalism question, there are many who check this board who could help you find answers.

Neil tobin

Postby Guest » 11/08/07 10:27 AM

Originally posted by BERMINI:
If so what forum do you believe is more beneficial for a mentalist and why?
About 2 years ago I started the . It's a protected board, so you'll have to join to see the forums. I turned the site over to John LeBlanc over a year ago and he's been doing a great job keeping it going. Richard Osterlind posts there all the time and there is a section for his material. The members on the board are great and keep the discussions civil. I don't think there has ever been a need to lock or delete a thread. Check it out.

Postby LaMont » 11/08/07 05:40 PM

Hi Steven,

I checked out your Mentalistsanctum site. How do you join/register?

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Postby Guest » 11/09/07 02:04 PM

John LeBlanc takes care of the board now and he's also the one who can help you register. Search for him here and email him to let you know you're interested.

Postby Brian Marks » 11/10/07 10:20 AM

yes, how does 1 register?
Brian Marks
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Postby Guest » 11/12/07 10:04 AM

I am a member of the Mentalistsanctum and it is a very beneficial site as are a number of other sites such as the Magic Cafe, Mental-list, Magic Bunny, etc. It just seemed that all of the other sites have many more threads than this one and I was just curious as to why that may be.

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