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Postby Guest » 07/28/05 07:09 AM


I m looking for a version of Add a Number effect, the most clearer possible, and without switches of numbers.

I see the Digital FeedBack from Richard Osterlind, but I m not sure if tis is that I looking for.

Please Could you Help me ?


Postby Guest » 07/28/05 10:26 AM

"Predict-Perfect" is a nice version (no # switching)

For more info... check out Meir Yedid\'s site... scroll down for Predict Perfect

Postby Guest » 08/19/06 01:09 AM

You can find the best "Add A No" revilation at
40$ only

The Mobile Opener...
Too many nice people like it and want it.


Postby Guest » 08/21/06 07:08 AM

Lior's Mobile Opener is a very strong routine that involves everyone in the audience. I second the recomendation.

John R

Postby Guest » 07/18/07 01:33 PM

IMHO the number one pad is Kozars. Unlimited possibilities for various effects.

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