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Postby Pekka Gunst » 01/24/03 06:15 AM

Here is an old logical problem that can be done as a mindreading trick but what is the question?

Suppose you come to a cross road one goes to hell and one goes to paradise but you dont know which is which.

But you are lucky or are you there are two peole present a saint that allways tells the thruth and a devil that allways lies but again you dont know which is which.

You are allowed one question.

What is the question?
Pekka Gunst
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Postby Andy Hurst » 01/24/03 10:54 AM

"If I was to ask the other person which is the way to paradise what would they say?"

The opposite to the answer they give is paradise.
Andy Hurst
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Postby kenguru » 01/24/03 11:38 AM

"If someone asked you which is the way to paradise, what would your answer be?" - the answer will always be true :D
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Postby David Alexander » 01/24/03 12:40 PM

Banachek has an interesting presentation based on this. The principle is neatly disguised.
David Alexander
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Postby Matthew Field » 01/24/03 01:01 PM

If you enjoy this sort of thing, I highly recommend the books of Raymond Smullyan.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby Pekka Gunst » 01/27/03 03:23 AM

Thanks for the response seems that some of you are ending up in a hot place...
Pekka Gunst
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/27/03 09:20 AM

Let's all go to hell in a handbasket!
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Brian Morton » 01/27/03 09:35 AM

Heaven for the climate, hell for the company. :D

brian :cool:
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Brian Morton
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