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Postby Larry Horayne » 10/25/01 12:44 PM

Crossing Over host John Edward will attempt to
communicate with victims of the Sept. 11 attacks during several November
sweeps episodes, Broadcasting & Cable reports. Steve Rosenberg, president of
Studios USA, which syndicates Crossing Over, says the shows "will be done
tastefully... and won't be exploitative."
Larry Horayne
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Postby Guest » 10/25/01 01:16 PM

That's just execrable! Ordinarily, denouncing this kind of stuff just winds up boosting the ratings. But I wonder if a stern press release -- perhaps in the form of an open letter to sponsors -- isn't in order here. Perhaps issued jointly from CSICOP, SAM, and IBM?

Postby Steve Hook » 10/25/01 10:45 PM


I'm genuinely sickened.

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Steve Hook
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Postby malbright » 10/25/01 11:46 PM

Some idiot executive finally figured out that it might not be such a good idea:
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Postby Guest » 10/26/01 01:48 AM

I'm shocked and appalled at how anyone could claim to communicate to the victims of the September 11th tragedy, let alone do so on air. It makes me want to punch John Edwards in the face, Hopefully, someone will do it for me!

I hope it doesn't go ahead, too.

Postby Guest » 10/26/01 04:18 AM

For those who haven't clicked through on Michael's link (thanks!), the show's producers decided to pull the plug, following instant widespread outrage. The bad news is that some segments have already been taped and could resurface sometime down the road. Ugh.

Postby Ben Harris » 10/29/01 03:04 PM


If he was genuinely able to contact the dead, the WTC contact show would have gone ahead. Edward would have been consulted by the US Govt to supply early death-toll and details for the devastated families of lost ones, if he was real. It would have been the normal, expected thing to do. IF HE WAS REAL.

If he was REAL, it would not be in "bad taste," it would be "therapeutic."

It is only in "bad taste" because deep down inside we all (including the producers of Edward's show)really know the truth - YOU CANNOT CONVERSE WITH THE DECEASED. Thus, any attempts at exploitation of the WTC incident becomes abhorrent. The truth is now obvious.

It is very interesting social phenomenon in that disaster of this proportion changes the way we treat the reality/illusion divide.


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Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/29/01 05:40 PM

If I could converse with the deceased, the I would have the low-down on all of Hofzinser's best stuff. I don't. You can't. Case closed.
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