Sam Schwartz's 'Astrology' book test

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Postby Guest » 03/21/04 02:20 PM

Can anyone tell me if this book test is still on the market or long out of print?

Postby Guest » 04/03/04 12:37 PM

I think that specific book may be out of print but there is a new one:
The Magic of Sam Schwartz by Allen Zingg
Sam Schwartz has been publishing his routines, ideas and techniques in various magazine publications for more than 50 years. He has also released a number of marketed effects through Louis Tannen, Inc. and has contributed to dozens of Karl Fulves publications. This book is a compilation of many of his best routines. Most of the magic is easy to learn and often fools magicians and non-magicians alike. You will find close-up routines with cards, ropes, coins, rings, and many mentalism based effects. You will enjoy working through the clever methods as well as performing the routines for your friends, family and even professionally.

Hardcover with dust jacket, written by Allen Zingg, 246 pages, more than 200 illustrations by Tony Dunn, Foreword by Stephen Minch, published by Magico Magazine.

I sell it in my store for $39.95 USD

Postby Guest » 04/04/04 07:14 AM

The Astrology book test is a book test. The Zingg book is a compilation of Sam Schwarz's effects.

Postby Guest » 04/06/04 06:50 AM

I do have the Zingg book already but thanks for the suggestion.

It is the book test that I'm still looking for.

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