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Postby Scott Fridinger » 03/19/03 10:46 PM

There was a mentalist effect out a few years back from a British producer which used black backed cards that had letters on the faces. The spectator would look at a czard which contained five letter words and they would place the cards which spelled the word face down. The Magicican would look at the backs of the cards, and automatically know what word the spectator had chose. Anyone know what this was called and who made it? Thanks
Scott Fridinger
Scott Fridinger
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Postby John Pezzullo » 03/20/03 03:54 AM


The effect that you're referring to is most probably "Spellbinder", an effect created by Jerry Sadowitz.

http://www.hanklee.net/cgi-bin/quikstor ... search=yes


John Pezzullo
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Postby Scott Fridinger » 03/22/03 05:10 PM

Thanks John.
Scott Fridinger
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Postby Guest » 03/25/03 02:51 PM

Is it possible to do that effect in other languages than english?

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