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Postby Guest » 02/16/05 06:24 PM

hello im thinking about buying bruce burnstien's psi-deck. my questions are what do you think about it, is it easy to do are the backs pretty simular to the bycicle ryder pack and i hear that the cards may be thicker then normal if so how noticalble is it, over all i hear it is excellent. i apriciate your responce....thank you :)

Postby Guest » 02/17/05 09:14 AM

I reviewed PSI deck some time ago in my column in Vibrations, the PEA newsletter
Here os a copy, slightly edited to remove PEA confidential information
Regular readers of mine, are aware of my antipathy to card tricks. So , if I rave about one, I must really be impressed. Such is the case here, with Bruce Bernstein's Psi-deck.
Dave Hoy's tossed out deck is already a classic. But imagine this improvement.A deck of cards is fanned and shown to appear normal. Three participants are freely selected.. As in Hoy's classic a banded deck of cards is tossed to #1, he looks at one card. The same deck is given to # 2 , same procedure. You are able to name the cards looked at and even tell who has which, unlike Hoy's effect they have different cards. With the third participant, you remove an envelope and place it in sight, slowly dealing from the same deck on to the table, you ask them to tell you when to stop. After the chosen card is shown , they open envelope and reveal, that you've correctly predicted it. There is also a bonus routine, that allows you to describe the third participant,.even though they have been freely selected. Killer stuff,
As you might think, this is not an ordinary deck, Bruce has produced a beautiful gimmicked deck. That is extremely versatile. It closely resembles a popular card man's deck.. Cost , a bit pricey, normally sells for $100.00 A second deck an additional $65 if ordered together. Order from Bruce Bernstein, 6031 W. Henderson, Chicago, Il 60634-4231 Tell Fordo sent ya

Postby M. Sibbernsen » 02/17/05 09:39 AM

To augment Ford's excellent review, here are a couple direct answers to your questions.

1) is it easy?

Mechanically speaking yes, but depending on your choice of presentation, will require varying levels of audience management skill.

2) Are the backs similar to the bycicle ryder pack.

Very similar. Wonderful bit of artwork.

3) I hear that the cards may be thicker then normal if so how noticalble is it.

There is an initial stiffness to the deck that you will need be become accustomed to, but in performance the audience will not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Note that this is a card effect optimized for "stage" use, not close-up.

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