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Postby Guest » 11/17/04 10:59 AM

My good friend Rick Maue (author of "The Book of Haunted Magick") has something new that some of you may want to consider. It is not scheduled to go on the market before next spring but I highly recommend those interested in a unique style of Seance-like presentation, to check it out.

This bit is presented in more of a "lecture" format (hence my subject title above) and ends with a great kicker that is the epitome of applied psychology. The great thing is, it lures in the entire audience at an interactive level and delivers to you a "passive" mode of presentation in which one's inner-thespian is allowed to emerge. Delivering a 7-12 minute spiel that is exceptionally clever and "chilling" to say the least.

Check it out!
Rick Maue\'s B.O.S.S.

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