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I obviously posted to the wrong area when I requested suggestions for books about mentalism. I only received one reply. Hopefully this group might be more accommodating. I'm thinking about incorporating mentalism into my repertoire waaaay down the road. Any suggestions regarding learning materials? Thick books and many suggestions are welcomed because it's going to be quite a while before I incorporate anything of this nature. Thanks in advance.

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One mentalism book that is fairly comprehensive, and is often recommended when someone asks for a book about mentalism, is "13 Steps to Mentalism", by Corinda.

There are many chapters on everything from predictions, billets, and book tests, to card tricks, telepathy, and mneumonic systems.

-David L.

Postby Dr Adrian Solon » 01/23/03 06:25 AM

Yes, it's important to read the classic Corinda and Annemann texts, but I also think that modern mentalism books have more useable material. My current 'bible' is Larry Becker's Stunners-Plus - a masterpiece, in spite of the typos and missing bits of text.
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I recently obtained a copy of Ian Rowland's "Sence of Touch" booklet. I haven't performed it yet but it looks promising.

I know it's only a little booklet but it should inspire you to continue mentalism studys.

At least I think it's fun to every now and then just pick up a individual effect and play with it.

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Dear Daniel,

I would highly suggest that "13 Steps to Mentalism" by Tony Corrinda is a MUST STUDY (not merely a read, but actually study and learn EVERY chapter in the book, lesson by lesson) and while you are doing so, study and read Bob Cassidy's "Principia Mentalia" (all 4 volumes) and then continue on with "Art of Mentalism 1" followed by "Art of Mentalism 2" also by Bob Cassidy.

The Corrinda book will give you the "moves" and the Cassidy books will provide you with a mindset. Once you have those fundamentals down, you have a large variety to move to. I would highly suggest the following after the first few I have mentioned:
-"Peek Performances" by Richard Busch AND "The Perloined Though" by Al Mann (which will give you insight into the gaining of information)
-"Stunners-Plus" by Larry Becker (which will give you much insight into methods used for many effects)
-"Jinx" (the reprints of the magazine by Ted Annemann which you can get in a three volume, inexpensive hardbound set which has many effects to use)
-"MAGICK" (again, expensive reprint BUT one you will go back to repeatedly for useful tips, effects and ideas).

Those are some of the must haves on the shelf. Then you have many other books, pamphlets and effects that can provide you with much more, although with just the few mentioned above, you will have more than you will ever need to begin a life in mentalism. I consider others such as the works of PUNX, T.A. Waters, Banachek, Barrie Richardson, Dick Osterlind, John Riggs, Ted Lesley, Burling Hull, Richard Webster all worthwhile too BUT not until you have a sound foundation on which to add their knowledge. The collected works in "The Pentagram", "Seance", "Invocation", "The Phoenix", and "The Magic Menu" are also useful as are the books "Al Koran's Legacy" by Hugh Miller, "The Mental Mysteries of Wm.Larsen Sr." by W.Larsen Sr., "The Mental magic of Basil Horowitz", and the Phantini series are also very useful on the shelf BUT not necessary to your starting out.

I hope that helps,
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Paul Alberstat
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Can I just copy that list and paste it on the other forums where all the "kids" keep asking this question over and over?

That's got to be the most "complete" reply I've ever seen... covers just about all the bases from what I can see. But I will give a second thumbs up on all of Bob Cassidy's material... I just got gifted a copy of his CD "Bob Cassidy's Mentalism" which includes some of what you mention +... I'm sorry, but the man is a God! Beautiful, logical thought that finally allows this stuff we do to make some serious sense.

Postby Guest » 01/24/03 11:27 AM

Thanks Craig. Feel free to cut and paste until your fingers cramp.
As always I remain,
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I second Cassidys works and im going to throw in Barrie Richardsons "Theater of the Mind" for people who really want to perform. Barries performances and key words/phrases are in the book and worth the price alone.


Postby Guest » 04/11/03 09:18 AM

Re Stunners Plus, I am glad that it's not just me that spotted the typos and missing text....I tried concentrating really hard but nothing came through!

Still a great book though and an interesting one to contrast and compare to the Berglas epic, which I think is wonderful if you want something rather different from the usual "How to" stuff.
Which makes it my favourite.

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