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Postby Guest » 11/17/04 01:03 PM

Well, I'm putting out another downloadable effect via a PDF. I was originally going to package it with the proper items and sell it for about $30... or more, as some suggested... but once again I'm lazy and I feel anyone get put this effect together for a few bucks.
It is a very weird Bank Nite effect with a new, yet old, method to do it.
Here's what some have already said about:

"Greg, this is f***ing great! I think it's great lateral thinking. I like it when old magic principles are applied to mentalism effects and take on a new life.
I also love the idea of billet work and a clear bag, has my gears turning. " -- John Riggs

"I think you have yet another winner here!
In fact, all the participants win here!
This routine certainly overcomes many of the problems with a standard Bank
Nite routine and leaves you as clean as necessary at the end with no thumbtip to ditch." -- Millard Longman

I will be selling only 150 of these downloadable files that explain how to make this up yourself. They sell for $12 and you can do that at PayPal using my email:

Greg Arce

Postby Guest » 11/20/04 03:34 PM

Just got some more reviews on this effect:

"Greg Arce obviously has too much time on his hands. His latest effort, a sneaky Bank Nite effect using transparent plastic bags is, to my knowledge, original. The e-book instructions are clear, concise and should have users up and running in no time. Like many of Greg's efforts I heartily endorse his latest brainfood for magicians and mentalists." -- Larry Becker

"Read right through the routine. Great idea! I *really* like the idea of "seeing but not knowing" the bills inside the bags." -- Michael Sibbernsen

"Very nice idea!!! Not too difficult and looks very deceptive." --
Tony Razzano


Postby Vraagaard » 11/22/04 06:23 AM

Hi Greg,

I miss the description of the effect? And moreover I can't find it on ebay.

Can you give us a dsecription of the routine, and where it differs from Goldmine, Bank night etc. in the presentation and from a spectator point of view?

BTW, thanks for the ultra fast shipping of the Freestyle Booktest. Now I know what to spend the christmas holliday on.


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Postby Guest » 11/22/04 12:09 PM

I'm not selling it through Ebay. You can only get it by sending it through PayPal via my email address: and it's $12
As far as the actual effect, the presentation would be the same as some that you mentioned: six envelopes or bags are shown and the audience gets to pick from them and the performer is left with the only one that has the hundred dollar bill or the winner or says MiNE.
The added thing here is that we are dealing with clear plastic bags where everyone can see what's inside yet they end up leaving the correct one for the performer. The bags are not gimmicked and the money inside is not gimmicked.
Oh, and I had one person in another country say that you can't use some foreign money because no matter how you fold it they all look different due to color.
My answer was to have all the bills the same, but one has the word WINNER printed on the face of it. The performer is left with that bill.
Once you know the method you can have papers that are folded in the bags and one has something different from the others yet the performer is always left with that one.

Postby Guest » 11/23/04 07:02 PM

We are continuing to get various other handlings & presentations using the Clear Nite method.
I'm shocked at how creative you guys are.
I've already been told by one of the guys that I should seriously consider writing up an extended booklet with all the ideas.
I'll continue to collect the presentations and ideas, if you want to be include in this possible future booklet then send them my way.
If this comes to pass then I will offer the booklet to the original owners at a price minus the initial payment of Clear Nite.
This is all a work in progress so I'll keep everyone posted, but I'm really fascinated by the various permutations that have already been invented.

Postby Doug Dyment » 11/24/04 09:14 AM

After kicking yourself for not thinking of this first, you will love this very clever updating of an age-old plot with contemporary methodological and presentational twists. And for the price, it's a surprising bargain in today's market. Kudos to Greg!

... Doug
... Doug :: Proprietor of The Deceptionary
Doug Dyment
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Postby Guest » 11/24/04 12:20 PM

Thanks, Doug

By the way, for those that live in countries where the bills are different in color or size with each denomination, here is how you still use the method: You have five bills of any denomination you choose, but say one is the winner. The one you end up with is the only one that has the word WINNER printed on it.


Postby Guest » 12/11/04 02:45 PM

I'm now introducing a larger set of e-books that have the Clear Nite Method plus 23 new presentations using the method. I had some great mentalists come up with some interesting spins on the method. Banachek, Doug Dyment, Peter Arcane and others, contributed their presentations and ideas for Clear Nite.
A few of the ideas are easily worth more than the price... I really mean that. Some great workers thinking on the bank nite premise.
The new collection of presentations is called More Clear Nites.
So, to get the two ebook set that contains the original method plus the 23 new presentations, you can pay $25 through PayPal at my email address: greg@wizmicro
Please, when you submit your email address make sure it is one that will accept attachments. Together, both attachments, equal something under 500KB so they are quite small, but I've had problems in the past with individuals emails that don't accept any attachments. Make sure you give me one that will accept them.
Here's a quote from Larry Becker on the new presentations: "The thinkers have increased the value of Greg Arce's excellent effect, Clear Nites, twenty fold. Great stuff!"

Thank you,

Greg Arce

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