Lulu Hurst GA Magnet to Ormond McGill

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Postby Guest » 12/19/03 11:50 PM


Looking for info on any and all Lulu Hurst Anne Abbott type stunts. (Psychic stunts) ie: people being stuck to their chairs, being unable to open their eyes and the typical GA. Magnet type stuff with broom handle type being unable to push over someone holding a stick, not being able to pick up a small child ect..

Also any type of "Psudo-Hypnosis" type stunts IE: locking fingers together or making people's feet stick to the floor.

I am also interested in any of the Right Brain Left Brain type stunts.

Postby Guest » 12/20/03 01:24 PM

This book is the complete explanation of Lulu Hursts stunts. ... e=biohurst

The New Georgia Magnet Act: ... rgensonact

Masklyn's Ring in Classics by Bruce Bernstein - The spectator Can't hold up there are when they hold onto a finger ring. ... Bkclassics

Hope those sources help you out

Postby Guest » 12/20/03 05:36 PM

Thank you Larry. I have the Hurst books on order and am now eager to get "clasics"

Postby Guest » 12/20/03 07:50 PM

Just a quick note about the Lulu Hust books I ordered. They are also available from H&R who's new website will be up and running again Sunday Dec 21. ( try to order all my books from H&R and I have never regretted the decision as far as prices or service. They have (had?) 3 Lulu hurst titles and the Burnstein book in stock. I also ordered the CD ROM version of the Jinx that has a section about the GA Magnet in vol. 93- Look forward to their arrival.

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