New Booklet "Mark my Words"

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Postby Guest » 11/22/04 01:10 PM

We have an all new deck marking system coming out in our Mark my Words booklet, the booklet will contain tons of coding systems and marked cards some of these codes can be used things like Perplexing ESP Plaques, Sneak Thief / Sneaky Two, No think Bags etc. it is not the tricks per say, but moreover some new codes that will make the effects easier to perform. This booklet will be distributed through Murphys Magic, it will contain some bonus material, routines, effects etc. it will also be limited in production so get your's early contact your favorite dealer and get them to theirs from Murphy. The marked deck system alone is worth the price of the book; we added one marked card to each book along with the rubber bands needed to use our rubber band code


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