Tenyo's Fortune Sticks

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Postby Guest » 07/28/06 07:59 PM

Following Mr. Kaufman's recommendation of this effect, I got hold of one. It is diabolically clean in its workings, and fun to perform. Unfortunately, like other Tenyo products I've seen, it looks and feels very much like a toy. When performing it for laymen, I find myself getting a bit apologetic about the sticks, sometimes explaining that they're produced by a Japanese toy company with such excellent products that they've become sought after by US magicians.

I only wish someone (with Tenyo's approval) would produce a high-end version of this effect. I would pay a fair premium to get a wood or metal version of this, perhaps dressed up with some Asian or celtic characters to accompany the images on the sticks. All that said, for $15, this is a truly great effect.

Gary Brown

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