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Postby Guest » 12/06/07 11:50 AM

Has anyone read or skimmed this book? I would love to get a review of it before dropping 50 bucks for it. I was skeptical of the value of Luke's suggestion tricks in the real world, but I've found his previous work very impressive.


Postby Guest » 01/16/08 10:13 AM

Just like his other work, this book is riddled with typing errors, a complete half chapter missing on the explanation of a card routine. A template mentioned to be included in the back of the book is also missing and not on the Penguin update mentioned below, and I'm only half way through so who knows what else is to follow.

There is some superb advice, however the constant typing and punctuation errors is REALLY annoying.

Anyone purchasing the book can get the missing chapter from penguin by email in pdf format.

It would seem no one proof read the book before it was published.

It's a shame really, Building Blocks had typing errors, some of the private manuscripts I have of his are riddled with typing errors such as "Telling Tales". There's no excuse in this day and age.

I'm sure a small handful of people would have been happy to proof read for Luke.

It would seem Luke is not as articulate as like what you and I are do.... :-)

Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/16/08 11:09 AM

Luke is perfectly articulate, he just needs an editor like most writers. I edit his column for Genii and you haven't found any problems there, have you? If his books have problems, it's because the publishers aren't doing their job!
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Postby Guest » 01/16/08 03:26 PM

Much of what is in this book has been in Luke's lecture notes since at least October of 2006. Not ALL, but definitely most. There are additional details and a few extra ideas and such.

As somebody who had his lecture notes, I had hoped for more. Correspondence with Luke after the lecture made 3510 seem like it was going to take the lecture notes to a whole other level. Instead, much of them were simply copied verbatim (including typos if you can believe that).

There are a couple extra chapters not in the notes but, for the most part, they rehash information from the other chapters, obviously written months or years earlier. I mean, how many times will he explain the Dunninger Ploy?

I think the ideas are good ones but the typographical errors are really annoying. They start to border on making the material unreadable. I recommend the ideas but the book was seriously lacking in any kind of production value.

Expect this if you get the book. If it doesn't bother you, then you are set and will get some great ideas.

Personally, the lack of production values say more about Penguin than they do about Luke, who needs to take it upon himself to get a good editor since several of his released works and lecture notes would make any English teacher, on either side of the pond, put a shotgun in their mouth.

Postby Jeremy Greystoke » 01/17/08 09:55 AM

I should mention that I received yesterday evening an email from Hocus Pocus Customer Service containing the first of several promised supplements to 3510. I've only skimmed it so far, but I plan on spending some time reading it later today (snow day for me...first real snow/ice storm for my area this winter). It's 15 pages long and there are apparently several more to follow.

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Postby Gordon Meyer » 01/17/08 09:27 PM

When I met Luke a few years ago in San Francisco, I asked him to autograph his book Building Blocks. He commented that he regretted the book had so many typographical errors. It's a shame to hear the new one might be the same.

But what a nice guy, it was a real pleasure to meet him and his lecture was quite interesting and well-organized.
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Postby Jan Forster » 01/25/08 04:09 PM

Yes, it is unfortunately true. Nevertheless it is a very good book concerning contents. But there is still hope: One day Richard could produce a big book titled "The Mentalism of Luke Jermay" ... ;)
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Postby Danny Archer » 03/13/08 03:36 PM

When I first read Luke's material, I wondered if these effects would really work... then when I saw Luke lecture at MINDvention, I was convinced that his methods are totally suited for real world performances...

I am thrilled that Luke will be lecturing and performing at the next MINDvention...
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Postby Gary Brown » 04/23/08 11:20 PM

Richard Kaufman wrote:Luke is perfectly articulate, he just needs an editor like most writers. I edit his column for Genii and you haven't found any problems there, have you?

Well, I haven't found any grammatical errors, which is obviously the point of the comment. However, there was a problem with the very first column, which was that the effect, as described, really hadn't been thought through. The problem was discussed here.
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