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Postby Guest » 07/21/05 04:03 PM

The adjacent county from where I live has 6000

DVD's. I just borrowed a horror movie about a

mindreader/hypnotist made in 2002.It was made by

Dante Tomaselli and stars The Amazing Kreskin. He

does a short mentalism act in it and also acts (?)

in the movie. If you want to see a minus star film

go get it ....Mike Walsh

Postby John Wilson » 07/21/05 10:53 PM

What is the name of the movie?
John Wilson
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Postby D Laub » 07/22/05 06:15 AM


It is a direct to DVD movie, whose best feature is the bonus clip of Kreskin performing for the cast and crew.
D Laub
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Postby Guest » 07/24/05 12:23 PM

Originally posted by John Wilson:
What is the name of the movie?

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