Freestyle Book Test by Greg Arce & Federico Luduena

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Some people have been asking where to find info on our book test so I put it in the Marketplace here: ... 4&t=003149


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Here are some of the early quotes & comments about the Freestyle Book Test:

"Wow, very, very impressive.. I like the way so much information can be
divulged, this info on the mnuemonics certainly applies to many, many
effects. I am guessing that even if someone does not use the booktest, they
will walk away with something from this. Good stuff."

"Once again we mentalists are fortunate to benefit from Greg's unique
perspective -- and his obsessive-compulsive disorder -- as he brings us what
may be the most individualized booktest yet. Read, enjoy, marvel ... you
never would have come up with this yourself!"
John Riggs

"Greg Arce and Federico Luduena have provided the serious readers with the fragrancy of a MOAB style coupled with the sweet aroma of DOUBLE VISION and some taste of EYE CANDY... and all without special books or gaffs! A MUST HAVE for the SERIOUS PERFORMER who wants to STAND OUT!"
Paolo Cavalli

"All book test lovers should own this ebook!

The Freestyle Book Test gives you the only completely personalized book test on the planet! No one else will be using your book in their act; you will be unique! Even your presentation will be unique!

Book Tests are the Mentalist's equivalent of a Magician's Card Trick and we should each have one; this is the one to have! "

Millard Longman

Greg Arce

Postby Guest » 10/07/04 10:53 PM

Here's the latest review from Larry Becker:

"The book test is really clever. Sort of a poor man's answer to Final Flashback and the MOAB. Keep that up and you'll put Becker & Earle out of business. ;-) Thanks again for sharing. Great stuff." - Larry


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