Allen Zingg's Master Billet Course

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Postby Guest » 07/31/06 09:44 PM

I've recently been in contact with Allen Zingg and his DVD dream project "Allen Zingg's Master Billet Course" is finally a reality. He's hoping to start sending them out in about three weeks.

There are four volumes, thoroughly examining billet work of every kind. This set is so thorough, that four volumes will require either five DVDs or Volume Two will be a double-sided DVD. There is a total of 8 hours of material, including 30 techniques and 40 routines.

Contributors include myself, Millard Longman, Richard Busch, Barrie Richardson and Kenton Knepper. Also, Docc Hilford's Dance of Shiva is included with Docc's permission and modifications by Allen to make it even more accessible and powerful.

The DVDs include real world performances in a variety of venues. Three cameras were used so every angle and close ups of essential details will all be covered. I haven't seen them yet but based on Allen's description, and like most of us he is his own worst critic, they came out great.

These DVDs are not intended to be viewed once and then the material immediately performed. They will require, and deserve, study and practice to get maximum impact out of the methods and routines included.

From Allen, "As a working mentalist, Ive featured billet work for many yearsfrom informal, on-the-spot performances, to walk-around gigs, and in formal shows before large audiences. Earlier in my career, like many, I studied billet work, and just wasnt satisfied. Something was missingand certainly, a great deal of misdirection was needed.

NO MORE! Ive redesigned classic techniques, created original moves, and developed seamless routines to show you just how powerful and entertaining mentalism with billets can be. Ill teach you step-by-step with performances in a variety of settings, detailed explanations and some amazing close-ups so that you get everything you need.

And, no more, Look Ma, its Superman! misdirection. They can burn you, and theres nothing to see, or even suspect.

If youre only looking to learn some great mentalism routinestheyre here! Not only quick and hard hitting routines, but mind-boggling reputation making routines that can be features in your act. Just choose the volume or volumes that interest you most. And, if you want to become a master billet workerpurchase the complete set, and the volumes will guide you in building block fashion to your goal. Im thrilled to be able to provide the best in this powerful area of mentalism! Remember, with billet work, you always have a method."

I know Allen has been putting heart and soul into this project for quite a while now. He wanted everything to be just right and he sets himself very high standards as in everything he does. Those of you who are fortunate enough to own his Limited Edition Zingg Wallet and the vast accompanying documentation will know precisely what I mean.

Regular retail is $145 plus postage. Those who order from Allen directly will get a discount; in the U.S., $120 with postage and overseas, $130 including postage.

I can't wait to see these. Allen and I have been corresponding about this project for quite a while and he wouldn't go ahead until everything was just right. I'm proud to have contributed two of my own ideas and flattered that Allen found them worthy to include among the "A list" mentalists listed above and his own, intensive, work. I'll update any and all information I receive until the formal launch takes place.

Good Thoughts,

Bill Cushman

Postby Guest » 07/31/06 10:33 PM

Well, you've got my attention. I probably know most of the technique that would be in such a set but it's the refinements and little touches that I'd be interested in. Thanks for letting us know, looking forward to additional info.


Postby Harvey » 08/12/06 06:16 PM

Can you provide his site for purchase.
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Postby Guest » 08/14/06 07:36 PM

Phew, I've recieved four emails/PMs over the last few hours requesting info on progress and how to order. Contact Allen at: I guess I should have put that in the original post!

The art work is being finalized and he should have them in hand by the end of this week and shipping out current orders the following week.
Like those who've asked, I am eager to see these!

Good Thoughts,


Postby Guest » 08/15/06 09:44 AM

The link from the auto responder is in active.
I'll try again but is there another way to get in touch with Mr. Zing?

Postby Guest » 09/14/06 12:14 PM

Any updates on the new DVDs?

Postby Guest » 09/19/06 08:00 AM

Originally posted by Elliot G.:
Any updates on the new DVDs?
They are out. A 5 dvd set. A friend of mine got his already.

Postby Guest » 09/27/06 08:01 PM

I'll not claim this a "review" as of yet in that I've not been able to get through the entire set of 4 DVDs that make up the Allen Zinng MASTER BILLET COURSE (available through for those interested in the gory details) I will say that this is a well pulled together production, just in what I found in Disc 1 was very eye-opening even for an old dog like myself e.g. on that alone I'd have to say this collection is worth every penny.

I just got the set in today so give me a week and I'll get back to you on the rest or, visit JHEFF's site and get the poop from him. :wink:

Postby Guest » 09/28/06 10:19 AM

Ok... I've gotten to watch all 5 DVDs to the 4-volume set and here's my go round on things...

As far as "quality of the production"... well, could have been scripted & staged much better than it was (especially in that Kenton is standing right there with Tank all through the program... c'mon!) I hate to say it, but on that level alone I kind of felt sorry for Allen in that he seemed a bit flustered and lost from time to time. An actual script and even rehearsals with all participating in the shoot, probably would have improved on the over-all "feel" of the product. That's not saying that it's "bad" or horrid... it's not your typical "I shot this in my garage" video but it's not quite on par with L&L either.

The Information Shared -- is quite solid... not as enveloping as I was personally hoping it would be, but very solid and for the most part "practical" insights all the way through. Even Allen's "tribute" to Docc Hilford's DANCE OF SHIVA technique opened my eyes on a few things I'd not thought of in the past (this isn't one of my favorite peeks though I have used a version of it that was featured in one of the back issues of MAGICK many years ago.) Docc's approach is different, adds certain advantages etc. but, Allen takes the foundation much further delivering a couple of handlings that I'd even risk using (as much as I dispise the method).

For someone either new or nervous about doing effective billet work, this is one of the best resources you could ask for within the video format. If you want to learn how to do effective, powerful mentalism that can be done "on the spot" I'd have to say that this is where you want to make your next investment. Then again, any resource that can teach this old dog more than a few new tricks (which Allen does and does more than a few times) will obviously host significant value to those less studied than I.

THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON in this series will be found in Vol. IV when Allen discusses the Q&A. Catch is, you need to know what's on the first and second disc in order to follow along with this one. The thing is, Allen reveals a move on this disc that is worth the price of the entire set alone -- The R&U Switch -- it's is slow, deliberate and in your face! One of the most practical moves I've seen in billet work in years! A serious convincer that's worth its wieght in gold (in my humble opinion).

Even Allen will tell you that this is NOT a "complete" course on billet work but it is a program that will place you light-years ahead of most and will certainly augment anything you may study from Cassidy, Busch, Hilford or Longman on the topic of billets. :wink:

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