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Postby Guest » 10/13/07 12:54 PM

Lincoln generously sent me an advance copy of his new 2 DVD set, ShhThe Secret Writing Handbook due out at the end of this month. I can recommend Shh, without reservation. And this is true whether or not you have or ever plan to use a NW as Ill explain in a moment.

Lincoln takes to the streets and shows you performances of 10 effects with his LBB. You get to see some seriously strong spontaneous reactions from a variety of people. One of my favorite NW effects is here; Greg Arces Adams Prediction.

Lincoln is a very enjoyable performer to watch in action and he demonstrates a wide range of effects possible with a NW. But these 10 effects are the small tip of a large iceberg. With a NW and the info shared on these DVDs, the number of effects possible is truly infinite.

The explanation section on Shh.. is thorough and full of great ideas to inspire your own creativity. Lincoln shows the nuts and bolts of the LBB and how to get the most out of it. The majority of this section, though, is applicable to any NW.

Lincoln shares a ton of subtleties about everything from how to display the card after writing to how to effectively personalize each performance. Using a NW with a variety of envelopes and wallets is explored. He gives solid information on how to manage participants in different circumstances, including some interesting ideas about what to do if they insist, show me yours first! All this on the first disk.

As good as this all is, and it is very good, it is disk 2 that Im most excited about. And this disk is why I mentioned above that everyone will want Shh

Disk 2 is comprised of four interviews and were it only ten times as long, is the video equivalent of Conversations With Mindreaders. Lincoln stalks four mentalists; Andy Nyman, Greg Arce, Francis Menotti and Jon Stetson and talks with them extensively about anything and everything to do with mentalism.

The interviews are casual and wonderful. There is so much good information shared I wouldnt know where to start. It is pure pleasure to see and hear these gentlemen talk about what they know and love best. And for that we have to thank Lincoln. Profusely.

Postby Osman » 07/14/08 06:36 PM

I loved the short Andy Nyman interview, LPB and these DVDs are highly recommended.
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Postby mrgoat » 07/14/08 07:04 PM

I bought a copy of this from the man himself when he was on at the Castle recently. It is excellent and could take you from novice to expert in an hour. But everyone well be interested in the second DVD as stated above. Some of the nuggets in there that are almost said as throwaways are just wonderful.
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