New Ron Bauer Private Studies Release - Milt Kort's All-Outs Think-of-a-Card

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Postby amakar » 04/27/05 02:38 PM

FYI - Here is a brief post on the latest from the Ron Bauer Private Studies series.
Sandra Kort sent the following note through the distribution list.

Greetings, Fellow Conjurers!

I'm proud to announce the release of #19 in the Ron Bauer Private
Studies Series: Milt Kort's All-Outs Think-of-a-Card!

When I read it, I could see and hear my dad happily pulling off this

I've seen it dozens of times, and now I finally know how it works!

Here's what the audience sees?

Someone looks at the faces of some cards. YOU put the deck beneath the
table (or behind your back), find the card? then PROVE you must be able

Can you count to Three?

Any three-spot (Dad liked the Three of Hearts) makes ALL the outs work.
There's no spelling or calculating. Use any deck, any time. It's easy
to learn and easy to do. But, it's not easy to figure out. You just
follow RB's clear and comprehensive performance script.

Special instructions are included for "putting in work" and illustrated
in color, is how to display the faces of the cards in a fan!

Order your copy before your friends do!

Visit the following link for more information!


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Postby Guest » 05/09/05 02:36 PM

With over twenty pages of text and twice as many illustrations in this latest Ron Bauer release, learning how to reveal a secret thought using your instinct is a breeze! Not only is Korts sure-fire trick explained, but the booklet also contains information on sham mind reading, limited choices, equivoque, outs, crimps, fans, and much more! Three methods of fanning cards are fully explained and a center spread includes a dozen color drawings illustrating the techniques.

Remember that each Ron Bauer Private Studies booklet describes not only the tricks method, but the full Performance Script, expertly written by professional writer Ron Bauer. Also included are the invaluable RB Comments that contain tips on handling the props, delivering the narrative, and more.

Milt Korts All-Outs Think-of-a-Card is a bargain. The same goes for the entire Ron Bauer Private Studies series. RB has done all of the hard work, perfecting the handling and script for each trick. If you want to become a better magician and learn how to Think Like a Conjurer, the Private Studies series is the best learning tool.


Postby Bill Palmer » 05/10/05 10:16 PM

It's always good to get one of Ron Bauer's Private Studies in the mail. You never know exactly what you are going to get, but you know several things about it before you even crack the book.

1) Every move is going to be described meticulously.
2) Every word you utter will be there on paper.
3) The routine (or routines) will work.

The effect is very simple. The spectator looks at a group of cards which are fanned in front of him. He remembers one card, then the group of cards goes back into the deck, the cards are thoroughly mixed, and the magician then identifies the thought of card. The cards may be borrowed. It is sure-fire. And it is entertaining.

I could stop right there, and you wouldn't understand why you need this booklet.

Well, first of all, the title tells the story. It's about a multiple outs card revelation. But that still doesn't tell you why you need it. One reason is that if you aren't accustomed to working from a script, this routine will show you beyond a doubt what you have been missing. When you work from a script, you have things you did not have before.

First, you have the bare bones of the trick -- that's the moves and the sequence of events. Then you have the flesh and blood -- that's the script. The script helps you remember which of the bones is connected to the next one, as in hip bone connected to the thigh bone. In this case, the script helps you remember what you do next.

There is also a very high impact ending from David Regal, which I am going to see if I can track down so I can do this thing for my friends.

It's a great booklet -- 23 pages of text, 25 if you count the insides of the covers -- profusely illustrated by Sandra Kort, who is the daughter of the late Milt Kort, who, not coincidentally, used to fool the PANTS off of very knowledgeable magicians with this very routine.

You can get it from several different sources -- has them. And it's only $10.00.

Do yourself a favor. Get the book, but don't tell the other guys in the club.

Then practice it, and fool them at the next magic club meeting. You will be glad you did.
Bill Palmer, MIMC
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Postby Guest » 11/04/05 08:06 PM

Im not sure I understand the reason for doing an effect like this.

Kort mentions the best outcome is if the card they thought of is face up.

Fine, so why not just do that? Why not do a peek, and follow it with a reversal (Marlos Future Reversal for instance...)?

Or get them to name a card, and find someway to locate from the deck.

Or better yet, why not do an invisable deck?

Im just not sure why anyone whould choose to do this.

I have the manuscript, and it was an enjoyable read, but it falls behind many other mind reading card effects...

Postby Brian Marks » 11/07/05 03:11 PM

You would not use invisible deck so you could repeat the effect, or do others without the deck switch.
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Postby Guest » 11/07/05 04:51 PM

You CAN repeat with the ID.

deck switch? shouldnt be an issue.

But suppose you only have a normal deck. There are still much better tricks you could do.

The three is positioned and chosen so that there is a high probablity it would be thought of.
But if it isnt, the tricks is weak.

And its still very restrictive. Why can they only lokk at ten cards? why not the whole deck? and why do they even have to look? cant they just think of one of the top of their head?

As soon as we start giving answer to these questions, we might as well just have them peek the card and go from there.

Why not do thought force (which appears that they can look at any card as the deck is spread in front of them.

That seems waaaaaay more fair, and you not only know the card, but have control of it already.

This is just a hot spot for me...

Postby Conus » 11/23/05 06:14 AM

This IS a good one.

(Milt Kort was great!)
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