Mentalism vs. Mothra

Instead of mentally projecting your mentalism thoughts, type them here.

Postby Guest » 04/29/04 12:17 PM

OK, maybe it's a stupid question because we all know Godzilla destroyed the giant lepidoptera forty years ago. But assuming some of the beast's unholy larvae survived, were secretly hatched, and matured, who wins? Son of Mothra or the art of mentalism?
Remember, while Mothra can fire electricity from its wings and antennae, Mentalism is endowed with the power of wonder words.

Postby Guest » 04/29/04 07:11 PM

In this case, the Mothra of All Booktest would kill!

Postby Jeff Haas » 04/29/04 09:47 PM

Hah! You may have won this time, Mothra...but mentalism, like a vampire in an Ed Wood movie, will rise again!

Those who don't believe me, just wait...and then you'll change your stupid, stupid minds!
Jeff Haas
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Postby Bill Mullins » 04/30/04 02:29 PM

Jack Black of Tenacious D would kill all with Mind Bullets.
Bill Mullins
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