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Postby Spinnato » 10/11/04 08:10 PM

My compliments to my friend Jon Stetson for an excellent presentation on Mondo Magic. Congrats Jon.

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Postby Guest » 10/13/04 07:22 AM

That was a special book right? hehe, just kiding.

It was rather entertainging.

Although I think that this might not last aslong as they, and we, would like. It is sad but the reactions will be compared to that which Blaine gets, at least in the eyes of the general audience, and they will use that as the basis for their judgment on the abilities of Ben, Chris, and their guests.

It is sad, but this is the way that the laymen will look atit, even if they don't realize that it is the reactiona that they are basing their opinions on.
I just feel that they will see them as mediocer magicians as a result, which is unfortunate.

Of course I am not hoping form the focus to be shifted evn more to the reactions ala Blaine.

I am also getting way off the topic at hand.

I enjoyed Mr. Stetson's apearence. I am only now shifting more of my interest to mentalism and it was a joy to see.


Postby Terry_Holley » 10/13/04 09:33 PM

To copy my post in one of the other threads here on the Forum, I just wish the words that the spectator selected in the Guest Magician book test segment hadn't been "Robert" and "lumberjack!"

Like many of you, I thought I had the "ultimate" presentation, but I guess it's "finally" time to make a change!

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Postby Guest » 10/14/04 08:57 AM

Well that was only a bit criptic ;)

Postby Danny Archer » 10/14/04 10:17 AM

Blantant Plug

Jon Stetson will be MCing the final show at the upcoming MINDvention in Las Vegas 11/14-16 ...
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