"Mental Pictorial" deck

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Postby Guest » 09/17/04 02:23 PM

I remember this picture deck being common in the 70's, while I was a teenager. Is this still being made/sold? I've found no mention of it on the internet.


Postby Guest » 09/17/04 03:45 PM

I located a thread in this forum with a similar inquiry: "Deck of Picture Cards?" from April-May of this year.

Postby Guest » 09/18/04 12:10 PM

It was actually called "Mental Pictoria."

Postby Guest » 09/18/04 05:04 PM

You can the Mental Pictoria deck here:

http://www.ronjo.com/Merchant2/merchant ... gory_Code=

Postby Danny Archer » 10/22/04 09:33 AM

I just got the wonderful new Symbology Deck ... it uses symbols and four colors and is a 52 card pack ... pack is well made and marked as well .. a great alternative to playing cards and you can do memdeck routines as well!

below is from the web site http://symbology-deck.com/entire4.htm

The science of signs working for you, Symbology is a system like no other. It allows you to do just about any card trick you can think ofmental, predictive, sympathetic, transposition, mind readingwithout using playing cards. Its a new angle for close-up magicians, a revolutionary opportunity for cold-readers and a mentalists dream come true!
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