"Goblet of Fire" book test

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Postby Stefan Fisher » 08/12/02 11:09 PM

I've heard that there is a "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" book test out there. It is supposed to work in the same way as Max Maven's Autome. Anyone know anything about this?
Stefan Fisher
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Postby Guest » 09/06/02 07:48 PM

It's in my book, Psychic Psingularities. Available from Me! www.jonsaintgermain.com/books.htm

Postby Guest » 09/06/02 08:26 PM

Hey, John...good to see you here. We met last week at the convention (Professor Barclay ring a bell?)
I just e-mailed you about something else, but I guess I didn't realize you had written anything. I need to check the website for that book. Bob Knigge has talked several times to me about you (I dabble a bit with mentalism, so your name came up).
Glad to see you here!

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