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Hi I have a question about the PEA the pyschic Entertainer Association. Is it like IBM and SAM where you can join if you try out or do you have to be invited to join? does anyone know where I can get some information about it?


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While the reccomendation of an existing member is suggested, it's not required. However admission, is not giaranteed
I suggest you check out our web site at

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Thank you Mr. Kross for the information, right now I dont think I can apply because I am a full time college student very busy with school :( , but right I have a twin brother and we are working on a twin mental act. There are a lot of mental acts out there but I dont think there is a twin mental act, (you can correct me if i'm wrong), and then once we have our act down I think we will apply to PEA, I just wanted some information on it right now, and you gave that to me.


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If you are "working on your act" now, the PEA is NOT for you. It is for established, working psychic entertainers (mentalists) and NOT for beginners. We are NOT like the IBM or the SAM.
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