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Postby Guest » 02/02/05 09:58 AM

I know I'm a bit biased when I say that "Rick Maue is a freakn genius". Let's face it, he's a very dear friend and thus, some of you may not trust my judgement because of that relationship. Nonetheless, great minds do think alike and Rick's most recent contribution to the magic world is AWESOME!

THE FINAL PICTURE is a masterpiece of true Mentalism. Though it comes with a nifty "device" the routine can be done "clean" and impromptue (and I do mean, without anything prepared in advance, no gimmicks in your pockets, etc.)

Several months ago Rick shared this concept with me in order to gain some "true to life" feedback. I've performed it a few dozen times and the audience reaction is exceptional. It does not come off as a "trick" but as a genuine psychic miracle (or psychological miracle, for those not into the esoteric side of things.)

Like everything Rick puts out, the price is far below the value. You get numerous routine ideas around this and another effect employing ESP cards that's just as bewildering. Rick also goes the extra nine-yards, delivering some sound food for thought about how these effects can be presented and why. The lecture alone is worthy of the price asked (in my opinion, but then, I love philosophy...)

Bottom line, check out DECEPTIONS UNLIMITED and reserve your copy. It's the best placed, most practical $35.00 you will probably invest this year!

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