Shalosh - reviews ?

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Postby Guest » 06/03/04 07:00 AM

anyone care to review ? (never heard of this guy).

Postby Guest » 06/08/04 05:34 AM

best thing I've read since PK Touches.
the revers book test is amazing (!!!) and the Lair Peek is the peek I'm going to use from now on. about the third item (PPP), I'm not so sure. it takes guts to perform it. a word of caution though: the material is intended for the serious mentalist (the revers book test is for stage performance only. I now close my own book test routine with it. what's I liked about it is that it can be combined with any other book test).
as for the guy, I've read on another forum he has a tv series in Israel, but never heard of him before. I'm looking forward to see what he releases next.

Postby Guest » 06/10/04 04:55 PM

You would push your book Nimrod wouldn't you? Not to mention the fact that the notion of describing a chap's appearance over the phone belongs to another Israeli mentalist!!!Someone's we all knows as an expert in the area of phone mentalism.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 06/10/04 06:17 PM

Mr. Canasta, perhaps you could explain your point in more civil language.
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Postby Guest » 07/24/04 11:00 AM ... 8&start=30

In a nutshell, some good ideas in the manuscript but not all original, and I have an issue with the lack of crediting original authors / obtaining permission.

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